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Something else I noticed about these gore websites- the video player for the gore video is always positioned right next to an ad that is a gif of some hardcore pornography.

Part of me thinks "That's just a way to grab attention and potentially draw a click to the ad", but at the same time I wonder- does watching intense violence juxtaposed with intense sexual imagery do something to the mind? Maybe it doesn't affect the adult mind very much (unless you're obsessively watching the shit), but I have to imagine that kids seeing that will have their perception of sexuality become tied to acts of extreme violence.

It's like conditioning. Sex and violence always seemed closely linked.

EDIT: Some goats have requested links or inquired, so I will include a link to "BestGore's best of 2018", a compilation video of 9 or 10 of the worst things you might see. HUGE NSFW GRAPHIC CONTENT (violence, some nudity) WARNING, DO NOT CLICK LINK BELOW IF SQUEAMISH OR AROUND CHILDREN. DO NOT SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU.

Here you go, compilation of 10 of the most horrifying, brutal acts you'll ever witness: https://www.bestgore.com/beheading/nine-selected-best-gore-2018-hilarious-video-montage/

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From Wikipedia:

Bestgore.com is a Canadian shock site owned by Mark Marek

'Marek' appears on this list of Jewish surnames, to the surprise of no one here on Voat.

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Wow, nice list

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Mark Marek hates Jews and hates Trump even more. Seriously, go read what he writes about Jews on Bestgore. Makes what Voaters look weak as piss in comparison.

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"Marek" means Mark in Polish btw. The guy might be using a fake name.

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Seems really inclusive. I'm guessing many names on their could be German, without being Jewish. @carlip

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Conditioning is exactly what it is. It is the same "sex sells" strategy used by pairing sexual themes and images with products and services.

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"Shut it DOWN! The Goyim know! They are onto us!"


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It could be that porn companies are the only places that would even bother advertising there.

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why not both?

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Watched #1 and #3. That was intense! These people are animals!

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Watched about 5 seconds. I can usually watch these, but that was too much.

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So you saw the boy being murdered and the negro being eviscerated?

If I had to say any of these videos is the "worst one", I'd probably say #1 with the boy being flayed alive. The other two where teenagers are hacking other teens arms off were really fucked as well. Maybe they're "worse" for me simply because it's happening to kids.

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People need to realize that skin color is a very good indicator of how violent the person will be. The darker they get the more violent and disgusting they act. You might get a white that frags some people occasionally, but the shitskins continually torture rape and murder. There is no valid reason for them to be in our lands.

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Whites seem to have a built in empathy where won't torture you unless you REALLY fuck up, and even then it's pretty lightweight compared to some of the shit darkies do.

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Lmao what? Have you heard of a little thing called the dark ages? People would sodomize peasants with an iron triangle for stealing hams or whatever. White people perfected torture

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And flip-flops, don't forget flip-flops maan. Years of Bestgore Liveleak and some classy Mexicano cartel crime sites, is indisputable that the common flip-flop is a prime indicator and as good as seeing right into someone's head... this is Fact !!. Any Hey-zeus, Da-silva or Juan-dominguez wearing flip-flops is either, 1) a maniacal throat cutting pos. 2) next victim of number 1. 3) Somehow associated with number 1 or 2, therefore should be avoided at all the get-out ....

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And yet the Leftists will all tout them as being "Christian". Never mind that the Leftists hate Christians, they have no qualms about using that as a plea for sympathy from normal people to get these vicious death cult Mestizo Commies into the US.

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Christianity is huge in brazil with the mestizos.

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It's actually big in all of Latin America, but the problem is most of them don't actually comprehend or identify with the philosophy. They just go through the motions and retain their Death Cult religions.

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When you have people getting killed left and right of you, christianity gives you some comfort. Atheism rises when peace and comfort exists.

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Nice good Christians, like that new pope, right?

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Going to channel my inner 1400s here and say that Catholicism drifted very far from the message of Christ. It became a way to maintain political and social power, instead of a religion, which has continued to this day. The level of corruption and wealth inside the Catholic church is just insane.

The idea of having one, or a small group of, spiritual leaders is in general kind of strange to me. The role of a priest/reverend should not be to lead, but rather to be someone to whom others can turn for help and to provide some guidance on religious matters. There shouldn't need to be a huge hierarchy (aside from funding/organization I guess). Spirituality should come from within.

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Only Christian-hating, leftist, communists like the new pope.

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Now you're ready to research the lemon party.

BTW, have you seen the video of the muslims cutting the necks of a bunch of prisoners in a meat plant letting some of them insanguinate? I would agree being flayed alive is worse. They are all subhuman.

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You mean this video? https://www.miscopy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/slaughterhouse-style-mass-killing-islamic-state.mp4?id=0

Those guys had it easy compared to the shit i saw in those South American videos. Having your throat slit by a sharp knife after a nice dose of opium is an easy way to go compared to having your legs and arms hacked off with no sedation.

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I take it you saw the cartel chainsaw decapitation video then.

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The link has a problem for me. Why do you think they gave them opium?

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I can't believe you went down that dark hole.

You okay?

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I feel better today. This rabbit hole began a few days ago when I had some time off of work and a bit of a cold. Idle hands, you know?

After I finished a little "binge watch" of like a dozen videos, I had this nervous, empty feeling. But a few days later, I'm fine. I still see some of the images in my mind, but none of it affected me the way that the Scandinavian girls' beheading did. It's probably because I have difficulty empathizing with non-Whites anymore.

Except children. There was one video I saw that had a Brazilian boy being dismembered alive with a machete. That hit me in the feels. I just keep telling myself "If that were my child, they would feel nothing."

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What you did is necessary, and something most normies should experience. You NEED to know how the world really is. The majority of "people" in the world are only a notch above animal—and many of them go full animal at times in their lives. Some are nothing more than animals all the time.

All the talk of rainbows, unicorns, and equality are facades to lull us into putting our defenses down so the animals can attack. I know a number of people who were red-pilled, and even black-pilled through experiencing the reality of life on this planet.

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Ah, nervous empty feeling. I know it well.

Named him "The Hollow". You'll get used to it.

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The faggot is a pig. All pigs lust after gore, it’s what they (you) live for.

OP is a queer fucking coward pig and you suck his flacid little dick.

Kill yourself scumbag

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This poem lacks flow.

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Mix niggers with spics and you get Brazilian violence

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They were doing human sacrifices in the thousands to the sun just a couple of years ago.

[–] YoHomie 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago 

Lucky thing too, the Sun is working fine now.

[–] Phantom42 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Thank Aztecallah the Sun works.

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Tens of thousands.

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Brazilians seem to be worse than niggers. Ever seen the prison riots in Brazil? Worst shit I have ever seen. Many Brazilians have jewish blood, for whatever that is worth.

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Nah. They just don't have as many cameras and internet connections in Africa.

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