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Land of the free. Not only that intent to distribute is such a load of shit. 25 grams and you get that? Is it only a misdemeanor without that trumped up bullshit?

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The craziest thing is that it also seems to apply to state-legalized medical marijuana.

Even if you use medical marijuana where it's legal by state law, marijuana is still illegal under federal law, so you're banned from owning guns.


With several US states legalizing marijuana at the state level, I wonder how many marjiuana buyers are unknowingly getting put on a federal database that will later ban them from owning guns.

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Damn, that's a Machiavellian gun control measure if I've ever seen it. It definitely can't be used widespread, but to neutralize specific targets it's a damned useful trick for those bastards to have up their sleeves.

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It is plain to see that selective law enforcement and division of jurisdiction can be used to destroy the lives of Americans who present problems and propagate degenerate behavior in the ones who do not. The feds would never bother to crack down on Marijuana use in urban leftist cities by soy hipsters, but dare a rural man with lots of guns do it, well then they will use this to put him in jail.

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There have already been run ins where California attempts to seize firearms from California residents with a medical marijuana licence.

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Look back through my post history. You will see a story I posted abt one of my friends. In DC, legal gun, legal weed, but illegal because they together. He's currently locked up and probably not getting out for a long time.(cas hes a natzi)

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Always remember the brave pigs who work so hard to keep our lands free. The only good pig is one with a dinner plate sized hole in its chest.

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25 grams of bho is really quite a bit. I don't agree with any of it but it's an easy sell in court to consider that intent to distribute

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As a frugal user, bulk purchases are a good way to keep the costs down. I've had cops try to pull the intent to distribute crap on me before and showed them 25 rolls of toilet paper and 25 cans of pop and 25 cans of soup and asked if that proved an intent to distribute soup and TP.

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yeah, the system's a fucking joke beyond any defending when you realize how many lives are ruined over trumped up bullshit charges or retarded laws that make drug(s)+gun(s) found together = automatic multi-year jail sentence.

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some shady shit happened with the guy who bought the channel weapons

found dead shot in the head in a dark shed

either that or i'm thinking of some other big gun channel

can't he just move to a country that does let him own guns?

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I don't feel bad for FPSRussia, the guy was tied to a suspicious murder (even if you didnt do it, that shit stays with you, especially when it goes unsolved), law enforcement raided him at least once (if not several times) trying to bust him for illegal activity--- which means he was actively under surveillance. If you get raided, they don't just stop if they don't find anything, they continue watching you for years. So on top of all that, the guy decides to order fucking hash oil through the mail.

What did he think was going to happen? That the drug war (whether you agree with it or not) is suddenly not a thing? The DEA is one of the wealthiest/well-funded law enforcement agencies in the country due to it. Every law enforcement agency in the country wants a cut of drug enforcement actions because they're so lucrative either in confiscated assets, grants, or subsidies. That's a massive bullseye to bring down on yourself by ordering any drug through the mail-- especially if you're already being watched by law enforcement.

The hallmark of a good business/enterprise is to manage your risks. The guy couldn't manage his risks, for one reason or another, and got burned.

The average poster on this site does not make enough money to be a part of the untouchable political elite in the US. Manage your risks people, and when you need to take risks, consider and take account of all potential factors or outcomes, and put some things in place to hedge against them (if you can't outright nullify them). Additionally, do not order fucking hash oil through the mail.

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"I don't feel bad for FPSRussia, the guy was tied to a suspicious murder (even if you didnt do it" stopped reading right there, youre a fucking retard kill yourself. Youre one of those stupid fucks that a simple accusation is enough for you. People like you are why the justice system is so fucked and why things like the metoo movment exist. Kill yourself you detriment to all mankind.

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There isn't any evidence that he actually ordered it. It's been a while since I read it, but I believe the hash oil randomly showed up in the mail.

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When Cody Wilson (DEFCAD) got busted with an underage prostitute my 1st thought was "What did you think would happen?".

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If you do order illegal drugs to your house don't open the package right away. Put the package on the shelf unopened for several days, then at least you can deny knowing what's in the package if you get raided after taking delivery. This is assuming you used safe practices online and the feds don't have your payment info etc.

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some shady shit happened with the guy who bought the channel weapons

On January 6, 2013, Keith Ratliff, a member of the FPSRussia's production team, was found shot dead in his own gun store.

But that didn't kill off the channel, since FPS Russia still posted Youtube videos until 2016.

can't he just move to a country that does let him own guns?

Legally immigrating to a 1st world country is already difficult, unless you can get in via ancestry / relative, marriage, or sponsored work visa. And it becomes far more difficult if you have a criminal background.

Some countries offer citizenship by investment, but it's expensive. It can cost anywhere from $200,000 for obscure 3rd world countries like St. Kitts, and up to $1,000,000 for semi-1st world countries like Malta. True 1st world countries - like Canada & Australia - require $1+ million investments, and you have to prove you're a multi-millionaire.

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Someone mailed him some pot and then he was busted with it. Seems legit.

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Almost as if the gubmint did it.

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But you can be a raging alcoholic who blacks out has a violent tamper and can't remember what he did the night before on a regular basis and that's just fine.

It's that evil weed that makes people do crazy things they normally wouldn't.

Is it a requirement for our laws to not make sense?

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You'd think he really would be stupid enough to order illegal things via the US. Postal service?

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Yeah I’m a little concerned how readily everyone is accepting that story.

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You have to remember that alot of people on Voat still want to believe in the manned Moon landing. Once you realize that, it kinda starts to make sense. People here are woke, but not necessarily as skeptical as they think they are, or as well-informed/intelligent.

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The USPS is the number 1 drug delivery company in the states. People have been using them to send drugs for some time now. I have it on good authority that they don't check packages within the United states so or weed is going to make it from a legal state to illegal state 99% of the time.

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At least with good packaging that doesn't reek.

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Thank god another dangerous drug addled felon is off the street. Our government is so good.

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It's absolutely stupid that he would get banned from owning firearms but he should have stayed away from marijuana knowing that this could happen. He's going to lose out on a lot simply because he wanted to get stoned, not worth it.

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Aaaand the Resistance gains another very dangerous and capable asset.

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