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People comment all the time, they're just shadowbanned and don't know it.

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Everyone: Please read all the past better posts on :


and you will see shocking censorship on everything

Reddit is a hard left socialist SJW shit site.

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Reddit is owned by a company who for decades published nothing but magazines for women. The ethos of the company has not changed, reddit was just a tool to drive more clicks to the parent company's digital magazines. They're still trash, but reddit caught on because of the like dislike button, as it reinforces people's narcissism. Thus reddit became full of mentally ill narcissistic children, and fully panders to women because that's what they've been doing for the last 50 or so odd years. When you go on reddit and get that feeling of disgust and censorship and blatant pandering, it's because it is blatantly pandering...to women, and faggots.

That's why rigged posts with 45k upvotes and 30 comments are just cutsey shit, or sentimental shit, or whatever Disney style intersectionality is cool these days.

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yes become a cuck who jerks off in his exgirlfriends bushes while peeking into her windows. ignore reddit posts, block reddit subs, do not reply to reddit users

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Shadowbanning is the gayest shit

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I’ve used Reddit since 2010, and the other day I was recently shadowbanned sitewide and an admin even changed the password on one of my accounts. So, I just made an account here and I won’t be posting on reddit ever again even if I wanted to get around their ‘ban.’ My hatred of its users has been growing since 2016, anyway. Fuck Reddit.

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why did you tolerate their censorship for this long?

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He was being a good goyem, avoiding the toxic "free speech" of radicals who feel like people should have the freedom to express opinions that don't conform to the Jew media narrative.

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Got enough sugar water.

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It's kind of refreshing though that people aren't going to be using Reddit anymore.

It should allow something new to come along.

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Reddit is gay af and all bots dude lol can't believe it took you this long to find out. I used it for the_donald for a bit but then got banned for saying something slightly anti semetic and stopped using the site entirely

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I only go in there to collect salt.

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I've been using Reddit for about 8 years, and it is definitely not as good as it's former self. The front page is so heavily moderated and paid for that you only ever see what someone paid you and everyone else who browses Reddit in my region see. It's painfully obvious now, whenever a video crops up in even normie subreddits like r/videos about anything negative about the police, the next day a highly upvoted post of a police dog or other feel good cop story gets the front page. This is only one example but it's way too obvious now that reddit is just an advertisement and propaganda peddler now and not the interesting links and discussions that it used to be filled with.

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Well especially since the Chinese paid all that money to Reddit. What? Am I to believe an entity donates $100M+ and wants nothing in return? Yeah right

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Not since the Chinese gave money to reddit. Don't pretend it's their fault. It was broken long before.

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I have only kept a pinky toe in the Reddit sphere ever since the Pao debacle several years back. At that point it became totally clear that the front page was a corporate buy out, and the censorship was transparent. If that didn't convince people, the 2016 election cycle should have. Reddit is fucking joke. Truly, the only reason I keep a profile is because sometimes I get curious - for some particular event - what the Leftist propaganda machine is pushing. So I will venture there to see what kind of bullshit is coming down the pipe.

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Are you saying you don't like funny Star Wars memes?

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Front page reddit memes are terrible. Most of them blatant ads for star wars or whatever movie marvel is pushing out next, or memes from subreddits like r/blackpeopletwitter and friends that are just propaganda. Even meme dedicated subreddits are garbage now, all of them posting about 'new formats' most of the time includes a random image with some text mspaint-ed on, hardly a 'meme'. Instagram and twitter are better meme sources now, as the accounts there that repost from reddit sort out all the trash meta memes and only post the good ones. (this will only get 7 upvotes, new format memes, vaxx memes, and whatever other topic that had been paid for that week.)

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There were a few small subs that I liked because people had conversations and they've all become corporate circle jerks. Haven't been there in over 5 years now.

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If you have an account with some comment history could you please try this experiment? Start talking about the central banking scam and see if you start getting comments from someone who has never commented in that subreddit before? I've noticed that this is a thing and I suspect they have alerts set up to call anyone who questions federal banking of being a Nazi.

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You just gave me a good idea. We should start comparing bankers to Nazis. What good fun that will be!

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There are bots and the bots are obvious. They need to upgrade to higher AI tech. Watched it happen with my own eyes.

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Lol r/conspiracy was my last hold out on reddit for awhile way back when, now if i accidentally or mindlessly click on an old reddit bookmark i always find myself thinking "what is all this retarded, immature and politically correct bullshit, wtf am i doing back here?"

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R/conspiracy is gay as shit. But I started years ago my journey in that sub. There was a lot of interesting stuff years ago. I can’t imagine how political it is now and not in a good way.

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Look at the age of my account. I've been here since the real r/conspiracy figured out that default subreddits were bought and paid for, and when brought to the attention of the admin, with evidence, they did nothing about it. I wasn't even "red pilled" back then, now I'm all "gas the kikes, race war now."

Reddit has been dead for a while. It's just shills talking to shills now. And a shill doesn't have to be paid to be a shill.

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the faster that place dies they better. Fuck Bazos!

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I found /r/politics turned to shit real fast. Any question. Any idea. Any challenge to leftists orthodoxy got down voted to oblivion. It made it impossible to carry on any kind of adult discussion. I dropped /r/politics years before I dropped reddit.

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