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Yeah, I told my wife to never buy tools for me. She is no mechanic and the last thing I need is some wrench set or power tool from Harbor Freight that lasts one use.

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I bought a screwdriver for emergency use from the dollar store once because that was the only place near me to get one. It's snapped in half first turn.

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That pisses me off more than not having a tool at all.

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I had a bit driver twist apart when I tried to use it. The metal was that shit grade quality.

I've picked out specific brand name tools for my mother to give as gifts and those are usually well received. Usually something by Estwing.

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This is wisdom, here. Tools are a great gift if you KNOW what you're giving.

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Not all HF is shite. I have found the ratcheting wrenches hold up well, but the screwdriver blades are not as great. Some of the other tools work well for light use, and some need more maintainance than other brands

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Depends what you're looking for. Power tools I only really use Makita and DeWalt. I swear by Snap-On for mechanic hand tools and Estwing Hammers are by far my favorite.

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Kobalt is excellent.

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I would disagree unless you know that a specific tool is desired by the person.

I have a drawer full of tools I got as gifts that just sit there. If I need a tool, I go and get one of my liking.

Now if you have an extra Bridgeport mill lying around, pm me.

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Lol, right. I call those tools "future garage sale items". I remember asking a quarter for each tool that I didn't want, the rest got donated to Goodwill with the rest of the left over shit that didn't sell.

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That makes sense it probably pays to know what tools are needed or desired. Just asked for a list

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Extra bridgeports require expensive shipping.

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Just carry it and quit whining !

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Tip: Make sure you get exactly the tool he wants... don't guess, don't talk to the guy at the hardware store, don't walk into a fucking Harbor Freight with a goddam coupon, etc... just ask him exactly what he wants and get that.

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For real though I'm super picky about tools. I hate it when i get tools for gifts.

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Good advice

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My wife refuses to go to any hardware store or auto parts store with me because I spend so much time looking at the tools haha

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A grownup's toy store!

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This requires knowledge of tools, knowledge of what tools you have, and knowledge of projects that you have coming up.

If you got me a nice block plane, or pull saw, or something, i would be happy; if you gave that to someone who "just wants the job done" (aka sawzall) then it would gather dust. my favorite tools are a nail puller (i think crescent made it), and a trim puller (i can't remember who made it, but is ranked high on amazon), but that is because i am redoing a lot of things in an old house; someone who is in a McMansion wouldn't want or need those.

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I thought receiving a blowjob from a talented woman was the best gift.

This is fake news.

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If you consider blowjobs a gift you're doing something wrong

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When your wife pays another attractive woman to suck your dick on your birthday because she is thousands of miles away you will understand.

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You must be old school, but don't worry, I am too.

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That timeline is a little off but that is ok. When I was young if the date didn’t end with at least a blowjob there wasn’t s second date.

The mid to late 70s were amazing. We had clean drugs, clean sluts, and trannies were beaten on sight. We didn’t care about muzzies, leftists, and could purchase firearms that are illegal today.

Shit sure has gone sideways in this cuntry.

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Give a Dremel. Most versatile tool mankind ever invented.

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If you have need for a dremel chances are that you could also use a bridgeport milling machine. And if you need a bridgeport mill you could also use a lathe. If you need a lathe you will also need a large saw to cut stock down. So you should be sure to get those as well.

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More like all i need is to finish up things and it grinds, cuts and engraves and etches and polishes all in one and usable on everything outside of hardened steel in the most precise manner you can get in a hand tool.If you need to just cut out that broken floor tile to replace it or want to cut your old phone open to put new battery in it, its all there in one.

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I have no use for a dremel. Now a die grinder on the other hand...

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Thats for grinding work and not really precise compared to a dremel driven flexshaft. Would you cut out a broken tile with it?

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Dremel is disposable. Foredom flexible shaft. Spendy, but mine is 23 years old now. Used it today.

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Absolutely worth every fucking dime. 500 bucks can get you started on a decent set up.

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Yay, my eighth socket set. What will I do with this one? Maybe I'll make one of those door bead curtains with them. Only heavier.

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The really small (1/4" drive) make great anal beads and your gf will love it both directions. Oh, and they're dishwasher safe too!

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Good to know.

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Do it

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