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Money. It's always money.

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Money is the Jewish God, and in the absence of the Christina meta-story, (((they))) have most people worshipping at its altar. To the extent that we now apologize for the worst criminals and corruption in society because 'winning' is the only thing that counts. If you don't like how somebody got where they are because it was corrupt and immoral, then you're a "hater".

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Maybe I'm just overly-focused, but it seems to me like even money itself is another red herring and/or control mechanism to use in reaching their true goals.

We know that the 'get woke go broke' companies are ordered by their (((owners))) to do things that will bankrupt them as long as more propaganda gets pumped out, and they appear to have no budget limit.

We also know that their money won't matter after they genocide the whites! The only people who pay taxes at all in the U.S are white tax payers, and even if all of those stopped paying, the federal reserve can just print more!

Goodness knows that Wiemar was an example of not giving a shit about inflation. Wheelbarrows full of cash, just for a loaf of bread! What could that be worth to the jew, other than assurance that the man with the wheelbarrow is starving?

They require scarcity to make money since they literally cannot produce things of quality or value, and when all the whites are gone, those things just won't exist anymore eventually.

It all seems rather counter-productive, until you remember that these people are comfortable with the concept of reducing all of humanity into nothing but a small group of jews in the desert!

The main post is still 100% correct though, it's a sound explanation of this particular system of control.

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Follow the money.. follow the money.

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lmao didnt you just take a money deal from kikes

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only got 1/3 through and upvote this masterpiece. you are goddamn right 100%


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Yeah, but fixing the grammar would make it even better.

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Honest reply: Where are the grammatical mistakes you are seeing?

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Blacks are still animals and no one wants to live near them.

That's an insult to animals.

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It is. I pay good money to live near animals.

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Very nice. High Iq post. This is how the world works.

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I wasn't stumped but you didn't even get to the reason why I said house prices increase with migrants! The obvious!

(In Australia at least) You need to get permission from the government to build a house, the government owns land that is marked for housing but only releases tiny portions at a time so as not to crash the housing market.

So to simplify, let's assuassumehave 100 people with had no homeless or sharehousing etc, everyone has a home, and there is land about to be released for their 100 kids to buy houses... Only we just let in 1000 migrants. It's supply and demand, in every area, and almost every area is already diverseafied.

Oy Vey, Milennials, you can't afford a house because you eat Avacdo on toast! My boomer self saved a house deposit working part time at McDonald's for a year! You spend too much on video games and entertainment and need to save more!

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Excellent point. I will add that to my future analysis.

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Only thing is that with the massive influx of 3rd world migrants scarcity of decent real estate would not be artificial it would be an actual scarcity.

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So essentially, by making this nation more and more destitute, they lower the supply of the actual "American way of life" (which we'd grown accustomed to during times of higher American sovereignty and prosperity), forcing people to finance what used to be a normal way of life here. This transfers more and more wealth into the possession of bankers, who are nearly entirely Jewish.

E. Michael Jones' book "The Slaughter of Cities" is an excellent commentary on all of this, and the use of proxy warriors such as blacks during the Civil Rights movement. They strategically developed only certain parts of cities and introduced highways through only certain areas of cities to control zoning and the movement of people in the city.

During this same period, our society also saw the elimination of ethnic diversity in Europeans. The differences between the English, and Italians, and Irish catholics and Poles used to be a MAJOR force in this country. After creating the proxy civil rights war, we saw an end to this. White diversity disappeared from the conversation, and everyone just became WHITE. This was a major, major form of social engineering that has effected us to this day.

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dont forget more credit histories aswell- more saps to borrow money from the people who print it out of thin air, more debt = more money they can print on the strength of the interest of that debt.

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