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Anybody still watching NIGGERBALL is a cuck.

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Hah, yeah I sure hate all that Anti-American BALONY in the NFL. Nowadays I only watch COLLEGE ball. Take that Socialists!

Turns to daughter

Whats that sweetie? Sure your boyfriend Tyreese can borrow the car! He just got into my Alma-mater on a scholarship! Have fun tonight you two.

sits down on couch with extra large Coke

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I like NCAA basketball, it's the closest thing to legal slavery we have nowadays

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Basketball is streetball now. Refs sit on whistles. How many steps do you get without a dribble these days? Anybody know what ' palming' is? 3 second violation? Goaltending?

That isn't even the same game.

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That would be true if it weren't just grooming them to play in the NBA.

They even made a rule where you have to play college ball first for a year to get in the NBA.

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grey-subsaharan-african-cannibals... nothing can be right!

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I wish I could find it, but there was video of some college kid asking other students if they agree with increasing diversity in their schools admissions, and then when they said "yes", he would ask them to sign a petition asking them for more diversity in the schools basketball team, since all the players were black. Those fucking retarded liberal students..... you could see the gears grinding in their brains when they were confronted with this. All of a sudden merit and skill were important, when just a moment ago it wasn't important for admissions.

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They aren't. They are specifically choosing blacks over more skilled whites in an attempt to make it seem like they are better at sports. Read into the Jewish hand in Boxing and how the cancer spread.

[–] KimBellend 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Absolutely true. The promotion of Mayweather Jr vs the memory-holing of Joe Calzaghe is a good example of that.

Mayweather's entire career he has been allowed to get away with things that any other fighter would have been stopped from doing: turning his back, bending over and staying over, using the cross-face and cross-throat arm and many other things.

Calzaghe is the opposite situation. Retired unbeaten 46-0, multiple world titles, highest punch rate and highest accuracy of any fighter in history. Few normies have even heard of him.

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I'm working with a guy that will not stop talking about college basketball. I swear if he keeps it up I'm going to push him off a ladder.

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I feel like anyone who talks about one subject all the time is sad, especially sports. I like to watch it, buts it just something I put on the background when hanging out with friends or studying

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I like to talk about ammunition a lot, but it's also a handy insight tool.

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Yes. They are sad one dimensional people. It could be sports, video games, chicks, or politics. Normal white people have varied interests.

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Tell him you don't give a fuck because you prefer to be productive in your free time

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1) Ask him if he wears a jersey with another man's name on it.

2) Ask if his wife would prefer to fuck that man than him.

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You watch niggerball... Ha ha ha ha. Ok. This is what you do... Step 1. Find a very high place. Step 2. Jump. Step 3... Well that is all.

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Step 3: do a flip

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... profit?

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Step 3: Plummet

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remember when an all-nigger, all-pro USA team got their asses kicked by an all-white, mostly amateur Argentinian team at the Olympics? I remember.

if i didn't know better, I'd think sports in America are run by a bunch of (((anti-whites))).

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people are visiting caste football

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Funny, Both LSU and Maryland have diversity departments and equality advisors. They both probably spend $Millions on equality and diversity.

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There's not fat hairy lesbians or midgets on the team. SHAME SHAME SHAME

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