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Female run nations

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I’ve come to a conclusion that its all about the concept of frame from theredpill. Muslim frame is immovable. It demands respect and causes even the most hardened feminist to acquiese. It’s not just because they’re stern, it’s because they follow through with threats of physical violence.

[–] blatent101 3 points 44 points (+47|-3) ago 

Yep, most Christians decided that women were "equals" to men. No, we aren't equal. We serve different functions.

Men used to provide and protect. Women used to raise children and keep up the home. Giving women rights was the worst decision of Western Civilization.

If you give women freedom, they ride the cock carousel while they are young and hot and then attempt to snag a beta male once they start losing their looks/get impregnated by an alpha male. Both male and female nature used to be kept in check, but now both are free to exploit each other.

We used to work together... But now? Chaos.

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Exactly. Meanwhile the so-called "white supremacist" are mostly keyboard warriors who bow to their women, jews, etc in real life.

See, white males these days are so domesticated, unlike the muslims who grew up in a harsh wild world in their shithole. It's like a group of beta sheeps facing incoming horde of alpha wolves. Just ask yourself this, how many whites are out of shape potato couches? How many muslims are?

Sending veteran mujahideens into the land of soyboys is a recipe for demographic replacement.

Whites has a much more significant amount of mental illness from depression, anxiety disorder, insecurities, adhd, autism, etc in their population compared to these wild mussies who are still more primal. Life is/was too easy in white nations and just like the mouse utopia experiment, utopia isn't exactly a good thing. Take Japan/South Korea/Hong Kong, for example, life is too good and it cause the rise of social problem such as herbivore men, internet addiction, etc. When life was hard, like when they were warring, there were no such thing, really.

These battle hardened "refugees" from Syria, Somalia, etc aren't the oh sob story sad people you think they are, they are much more prepared for conquest of limited resources than the domesticated naive faggots who grew up with christcuck teaching, hollywood movies, naive socialist pacifist cultural indoctrination, and video games.

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Exactly. The Evo psych name for it is the war bride theory.

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Jew run nations—always look for the man behind the curtain.

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Israel literally just disarmed an entire nation in one full swoop thanks to their Mossad false flag.

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Exactly. Women will bend to the most violent guy in the room. HEAR THAT WHITE MEN INCELS. YOU WANT PUSSY? KILL INVADERS.

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Women will bend to the force of physics. rape is a legit strategy.

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or just walk up to the Prime Minister's podium and announce that things are going to be different from now on.

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She doesnt run anything lol, the people in power just use them for PR.