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Alex Jewz will never talk about one specific worldwide ((( conspiracy ))).

In fact he will attempt to dismiss, or deflect everyone from talking about it by using terms such as "Globalists", and "Goblins".

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Look at this bullshit! He thinks Yang Gangers are bots like muh Russian bots.(Guess Faith Goldy is a bot) Can't get over the fact many of his supporters are done with Trump after CPAC and the multiple other things he has done to shit on his base in the last few weeks. He thinks the internet allows anti-jew speech but doesn't allow "muh unity with shitskins for Trump!". lmao. He also says straight up "Hitler's bad!....George Soros will tell you different" And blames China for Hollywood propaganda. He also blamed Arabs for Hollywood propaganda before.

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My favorite is when Alex said Muslims run the Federal reserve...https://youtu.be/uo4PSZnAzNw

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"I don't care if America is brown as long as I got muh guns and muh freedom."

The dumbass has no concept of brown America guaranteeing you won't have your guns or your freedom.

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He does know, he is evil and works for jewish cabal masters.

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He's not as smart as you think he is.

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Like Trump,Pelosi and Ocasio Cortez

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not just brown, yellow... asian americans dislike both guns and free speech

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Eddie Bravo flat out asked Alex Jones if he was a shill for Israel on Joe Rogan's podcast #1255. Here is his answer (apologies for transcription errors):

I got in fights with rednecks, I got in fights with racist Mexicans, there were racist white people attacking Mexicans, but I mean I had big black guys attacking me that had like flunked three grades in school, and my black friends would say, "Man, you're so cool, you're not racist, even though, you know, my cousin, who's eighteen or if you're like fourteen just attacked you. And you know that was just part of a development, you know, people do things, it doesn't matter what their skin color is or where they came from, there's good black people, there's bad black people, there's good white people there's bad white people, there's good Mexicans, there's bad Mexicans, there's good Asians, there's bad Asians, there's good North Koreans, there's bad North Koreans, and I'm stating really simple stuff here everybody knows, but I'll go to a restaurant if they've got good food, I don't care if it's Ethiopian or Mexican or if it's German, if the food's good and the people are nice, I love it. Like women I love black women, I love white women, I love hispanic women, I love 'em all, and if like the woman's cool, I know a bunch of black women who are bitches, black women who are cool.

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So he just completely dodged the question?

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Alex Jones was high when he said this. I love how at the slightest mention of being a zionist shill he goes off on an incoherent rant and mentioning how he supports race mixing.

Was that supposed to be a defense to the accusation? Awh, who cares, most of the Alex Jewnes followers aren't quite bright enough to see through his ruse. I was fooled by AJ in the past but eventually you realize that he is poisoning truth and discrediting us by association.

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He was smoking tobacco only, not pot.

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Don't tell anyone what to do. Provide fact and show people the reason.

Until then, you sound like a liberal nigger.

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Also look up the David Duke/Jones debate that isn't on Jewtube.

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Hey I get it. Just saying you get more mileage by letting people know why vs telling them what to do. And for the record, linking two youchube links aint providing info. Its just lazy linking. I fucking HATE listing to some cunt on youtube. And I love the fuck out of watching interesting things on that site. Its a rabbit hole.

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I skipped trough the second video and it seems to be just about the Yang stuff. The second one is from last year. Where is the proof of lies about Brenton's manifesto? Still a liberal nigger so far.

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I never see you guys post proof.

I'm all open to your idea but you never post proof.

I will continue to watch Alex Jones. I have noticed he never points out the jews though. probably because he's worried his channel will get pulled.

Part of me wonders if you people saying not to watch him are shills that are scared of what he has to say.

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Look at my links above.

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He's in the divide & conquer game. He was previously married to a jew chick but it's totally irrelevant. All of the content is in divisive politics now and like other outlets nobody us applying quality criticism to the half a dozen US interventions.

Generally speaking at a real job, one would suggest solutions to the areas they apply pointed criticism at.

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Yeah, I started listening to him again a few weeks ago. He is a rage-porn mouthpiece and is twisting the truth. I can't stand his other host. They are all controlled opposition. The Joe Rogain interview really showed him to be like the character in the movie "A Face in the Crowd". Everyone should watch that movie.

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I will continue watching his and his associates shows for another point of view. He won't name them but using his information as well as many other outlets gives me a better understanding of the whole picture.

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There are much better Youtubers like Black Pigeon Speaks, Brother Nathaneal and many others than this lying idiot. Plus you don't have to keep hearing about his supplements.

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I haven't listened to that (((tool))) since about 2003; even then it was only for a few weeks...he kept jabbering about "the 13 bloodlines" and "Nazi death cults", but would never name names. I already knew all the names...I was red-pilled on the Jews at about the same time that idiot was born. Yet, the guy still enjoys a rather large following...sad, but true.

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No one makes it in the mainstream without being Kosher, NO ONE. Except the ones they use to attack, like David Duke.

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