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There's another reason: the video drums up fear among FOREIGN BROWN PEOPLE.

On the bitchute video, I found a comment from an Indian man. He said "I'm a med student and I want to go to USA to get my education, then go back to India. White ppl, is this ok?"

This video puts the fear of Whites into these savages again. Now, any White man these savages look at while in that White man's homeland is a potential ticking time bomb.

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I saw that. Hope it's real. BTW the answer is no.

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It's real. From the people who brought us "show bob and vagine pls", does this surprise you?

And the answer is "fuck no". Get your education in your own shithole country. Why should the USA be responsible for educating the entire world's doctors? We need more American doctors anyway.

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If hes paying a high international student fee, and not working while hes here, I have no problem with him using his money to pay for an international education and then going back to his home country.

Its when they come, work, and get welfare, that is the problem. Not foreigners getting an education.

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One could imagine that if even 10-20 more of these types of incidents took place if uneducated foreigners would be as keen to come to the white countries to live off welfare.

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"I'm a med student and I want to go to USA to get my education, then go back to India. White ppl, is this ok?"

My Pajeet!

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That's fine if you pay for it and do it legally

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No, the answer is no.


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I agree, except that beheading videos will enrage anybody non Muslim even more. Its fucking savage as fuck. Way worse than shooting someone in the head. And the image sticks with you. The body struggling, gargling, reaching and just trying to survive. These people are sick.

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I agree with you; they’re horrific.

But Those videos don’t disgust the vermin who empathize with the executors, and only muslims (and some jews) empathize as such.

White People are the targets of the horror in such videos. A beheading kills only one White Person. But a video of the beading can traumatize millions. I believe that that is part of the reason gov’ts and tech companies don’t bother to scrub such videos.

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But Those videos don’t disgust the vermin who empathize with the executors, and only muslims (and some jews) empathize as such.

Watching a beheading video, I briefly get that queasy feeling in the belly, maybe even feel a little nervous. Watching those Norwegian girls get it was fucking rough...

But watching the NZ shooting, I felt next to nothing. No sympathy, no disgust, no queasy sensation, no nerves- nothing.

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So by traumatizing us, they prevent us from Rising up? That's not the way I feel right now.

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is the mlg parody of the new zealand incident savage? https://vimeo.com/324586942

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That's hilarious. I'm gonna download that.

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Exactly.... AND Whites have the guns, ammo, and will power to fight back once properly motivated.

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And to think what a yellow vest protest would be like here with armed citizens with a vested interest in restoring their republic.

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France helped America when it wanted to separate from a foreign power that demands control of their liberty. Perhaps it will soon be time to repay the favor.

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It's pretty pathetic when our role model for patriotism and testicular fortitude is the French. Yet here we are.

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Vested interest.

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Already downloaded it and so have thousands of others. They can't hide this anymore, it's spread too far.

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I'm just gonna come out and say it, livestreamed POV shootings with soundtracks are entertaining to watch.

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Only when it's the right people being killed tho.

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Jews will always jew. The synagogue of Satan(if you don't me phrasing it like that) is the same. They have employed this strategy for at least 3000 years, the money and usury scheme always seems to work on young people. I just just wonder when people will wake up.

Maybe declare yourself jewish, and have an interest free loan?


You can also have it as Muslim:


But us white christians....fuck us. But we are the last stand of humanity and decency. Without judgement we share what we have.

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You know what kills me about this is all the pathetic Dems and news dipshits are all gonna kiss the ring of that ugly, good for nothing, nigger congress bitch Omar. One of the most vile pieces of shit ever elected who hates America's guts and just because she's somehow the same as those dead dogs they're gonna put her on a pedestal. She'll probably be making the rounds of all the late night bullshit shows saying this is all Trump's fault. Colbert will genuflect when that worthless sheboon trots out. It never ends.

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No, the reason is They want the muzzies to feel uplifted and emboldened by the beheading videos, conversely, they do not want white people to watch the NZ vids and fell uplifted and emboldened.

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