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Well they will be fucked on the 29th when Brexit is delayed and are planning to have a yellow vest movement like France.

Unlike France though the people are truly cucked beyond all recognition from their former days and I believe we shall see a single shout of "RACIST" at around noon disperse the yellow vest movement on their first day never to return.

That is their plan. They have no plan to resist ethnic replacement as Tommy Robinson says its racist not too. Any more questions?

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Enough to know that giving up your guns is up there with sticking your own head in the oven.

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It would have ended 17 weeks ago

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Unlike France though

France needs to continuously have revolutions specifically because they're all leftists. That's why most socialists and communists actually support the yellow vests. They see it as a socialist revolution, not a product of socialist revolution.

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Which is why it's called a revolution and not an evolution. You revolve right back to where you started.

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People of the UK, what exactly is your plan?

Complain endlessly about Polish immigrants, because they don't have the guts to criticize shitskins.

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Yeah, I find that weird. I was in a UK city for work a few years back and the waitress at a restaurant I went to was Polish. Long dark hair, lovely face, pale skin... rather fetching. And they complain about Polish workers, while there are legions of Muslim rape gangs walking around.

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I´ve talked with wealthy white brits, they are beyond cucked, they dont mind giving their country away, it was just sad.

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There is something about a certain class of wealthy brits, they have to be seen to be doing the right thing,. Many are of them are "deluded champaign socialists". Generally speaking they are people who are not used to having money and feel a form of guilt . Most are deluded and have never had a salaried job in the third world, only working as a NGO or some lame charity work. These people are laying the foundation stones for the destruction of western civilisation.

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I agree, the ones i met, even their sons were sucessfull, white collar, engineers, people who have education and went up the ladder quite fast.

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Most wealthy white brits are part Jewish.

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No it really is all of the fat fuckers.

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To keep thinking everyone admires them.

They deliberately inflated every kids self esteem in schools for a reason.

They'll be lining native Brits up in their mass grave to shoot them, and the Brits will think it's the pogey line, and the government has come to feed them.

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Muslims will soon be the government you can't question.

And they will have actual real top tier nukes when they take over the UK and/or France.

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The ultimate end of a disarmed populace, genocide... This genocide won't be as exposed as Stalin's because that would be hate speech. This one will be phrased as declining birth rate of the white population, etc. It will be sugar coated while whites are raped and murdered out of existence.

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It's not the country they want, but it's the country they deserve.

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Roll over and die, that's their plan.

Working class white Brits should send their kids abroad. Better to learn Hungarian than to get raped by a Paki rape gang.

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