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Christians are the most persecuted group in the world. Muslims are given the red carpet to the west. Jews are responsible and all Jews need the oven.

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Yep, jews are the most vile creatures to exist.

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Regardless, Europeans have made it possible to be outbred to extinction by not having big families. Pandas can blame whoever they want, but no baby pandas means no pandas.

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Christians are the most persecuted group in the world

Never forget The Holodomor and The Armenian Genocide,both perpetrated by jews and denied/downplayed covered up to this day.

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I have syrian coworker. he says hundreds of thousands of christians all over arab lands trying to get out they can't but the muzzies can.

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Obama deliberately kept the Christians out. Trump tried to pass guidance to favor them as refugee applicants and everyone screamed bigotry.

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Sprinkled in nice Midwestern towns like shitseeds in the wind.

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This isn't true, you lyin' goyims!! Us pooor jews have been persecuted and wrongfully banned from almost every nation. It is terrible that the racist, hateful goys choose to act this way after us jews bring them civilization oy vey shaloms and rememba the 6 gorillion

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"Refugees?" If I ran a Muslim country and saw western states throw open their gates like ours have, I'd throw open my prisons, put passports in every prisoners hands, and bus them onward.

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Just like Fidel Castro did, and now Mexico and the central American countries are basically doing the same.

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By pronouncing your faith in Christianity you expose yourself to the wrath of government.

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The "refugees" we are taking into western countries are former jihadist fighters and their families. These people were sponsored by western governments to destabilize places like Libya and Syria. The Christians and civilized Muslims were usually loyal to the regimes America sought to overthrow.

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