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Soon it'll be the only way to find anything right of left.

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Not if the race war cracks off first 😉

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speaking of...

video torrent magnet link:


use qBittorrent

>Brenton Tarrant manifesto


password: facebookshooter

use 7-Zip

I'll never get used to reddit spacing.

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At least we have it. The DS gates sites like this where truth and open communications can occur with regularity and no regulators. That the shooter streamed on Facebook without the censors - at least 30,000 monitors - stopping it and now calls for Voat and the Chans to be shuttered is telling. Voat just became that much more important.

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Good point. Next Internet will need to be hosted in international waters (or Space?).

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I think we are going to have to set up our own meshnets soon

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That's what restriction and mass censorship does.

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...because that's what constitutes "counter-culture" nowadays, what's so hard to understand?

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