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Proof the media influences our perception of what is important even on voat.

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Also relevant article from 2011: http://archive.is/1G20W

“Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake'‘

Want to guess where this also took place?

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Yo the NZ shooter had weopons you can't find in NZ lololololol he's our boy guys

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But the NZ shooter specific said in his manifest that he is not Mossad or conducting a false flag!


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Last death count I heard from New Zealand was 50. This makes the lone white guy much more efficient.

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Shitskins aren't even worthwhile murderers. Whites are more efficient at everything.

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I'm proud of that hero, what was his name?

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Still not very good. He could have went and set the back of the church on fire then waited at the entrence and picked them off as they came out. And any pretending to be dead would have died because of the fire.

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He totally shot multiple clips into the pile of bodies making sure to hit each one more than once.

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He went through a second time and executed those who thought he left who were still alive.

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Nope because he would be too distracted in front of the door. What he did was almost perfect. Letting the people cross, and going straight in like he was a cop. Nope. Soranora motherfuckers.

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Maybe that's why we get more attention. People are impressed.

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That has been going on for 1400 years. It's going to take a lot before westerners turn my head on this topic.

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And why would WE stop??

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i was saying in the 90's not to fuck with them. They only know war and killing, they destroyed history. the slaughtering of christians, i really have zero respect for them, they are rats to me cockroaches. deceiving assholes

wipe them out, im open for it, i dont understand why we dont

buh muh legacy

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The Bible is much more violent than the Koran. God also commands his followers to kill all non-believers, even if it's your own children (among many other horrible commandments).

But Christians seemed to have evolved a bit more and don't actually follow those parts of the Bible. In a way, Muslims are less hypocritical, as they actually follow their religion more closely.

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New they don't want you to know? spin, spin, spin today and down the memory hole? facebook and instagram off line yesterday. The media spin is very strong today, makes you wonder whats really happening, not Native came from Aus. What this dude was wrong, let's be clear, it was murderous and criminal and will probably hurt the West and NewZealand in the long term. There will probably be less freedom of travel between the Kiwi and the Aus and their other friends and brothers of Western Civilisation because of this criminal nutbag, from the short snaps and film i seen there was also more than one shooter which the media is not reporting.


The conspiracy origin it actually goes back even more, Nixon taking the US off the Gold Standard and onto the Petro Dollar, even back to the fucking Shiner Masons and further back in US / Western history. Just cut the damn jihad welfare and the islamists mostly run away, they can not survive without outside money from Terror support Saudi and internal support from Leftwing Neo Liberal Globalists. The true enemy is within and without welfare they run like rats. What this guy did was wrong, he mostly probably killed innocents and I hear there could be more than one shooter. There are two flavors of islamic shit, the Sunni Saudi version and the Shiite Iranian. This islam is fucking garabe, it is terror, it is the book of fanatics and rapists, it is murder and rape.This islam it considers all non-moslems to be infidels and is on a clash with Western Cvilistaion and Western Democracy, not all moslems will become an enemy of the West some might even become an ally Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rushdie, Sarah Haider, Tarek Fatah etc and so many others may become an ally or friend of the West, however islam is still garbage and wrong, just as the Aztec had garbage in the culture, just as Communist death camps in the USSR were wrong, islam is another one of the great wrongs.

... Today the media will spin and spin and try to take away New Zealand rights and take rights of people living in the West

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There will probably be less freedom of travel between the Kiwi and the Aus and their other friends and brothers of Western Civilisation because of this criminal nutbag

Good. The fucking west needs a cold shower. All open borders with Germany as an example need to be absolutely sealed shut, so that they can fix the problem they created there instead of creating new ones in the countries of their friends.

not all moslems will become an enemy of the West

I'm sorry but you clearly haven't been paying any attention at all. Theirs is a parallel culture everywhere they exist on the planet, everywhere they haven't killed everyone else at least. Even if history is going to change, so far there isn't any indication of the soy laden fever dream you're currently experiencing.

Muslims haven't integrated even remotely into any way of life anywhere in the western world. The only instances where this might even be demonstrable it's in areas where they are the only muslim there.

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We won't talk about that, nor the white farmers being murdered. Shooting up brownies whilst praying looks worse than running over little white girls walking home from school...

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Politics are dead so it's a simple mathematical problem.

1:50 ratio.

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That's because those deaths happened in shit holes which is standard, libs get all upset about the idea of a country being a shit hole but will ignore all bad things that happen in said shit holes because it's part and parcel for a shit hole.

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They want that stuff here.

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Are they admitting and denying they are shitholes at the same time? Are they saying the deaths only matter in a first world country so that it can be subverted using the attack as an excuse?

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Its a religion of peace, these people are just victims who didn't receive enough welfare.

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It is Open Warfare and our News is under enemy Control.

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Well then the left should start liking white racists that shoot people, because they love terrorists. Terrorists shoot people, and the left adores them.

Or do the white racists have to torture people as well to get the approval of the left.

Oh wait. No one on this fucking earth wants the left's approval except other weak brained leftists.

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If u white an u shoot people...you raysis.

If u a nigger shooting... Dindu nuffin

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