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Why not both?

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You can try to stop the water pouring out with your hand, or simply turn the faucet off.

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Your sink has already overflowed by the time you shut the faucet off, you still need to do something about the water

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Sentences like that don't exist, appealing to witty melodrama isn't a realistic viewpoint. I say we need need both. Society progresses one funeral at a time.

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Or detonate a 35 megaton nuke and vaporize all the water?

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A criminal gone paranoid after waves of cultural conquest? and England slowly started to surrender to a globalist EU and gave themselves up to their former servants in Arabia, Jersualem, Tehran, Moscow, New Dehli, Banladesh, Africa and Asia...countries slowly get controlled by their outside masters, the Masonics themselves infiltrated? Also the leader of France Sarkozy talked of Mixing of Cultures, Miscegenation or Forced Race mixing, there is a post on voat that next French president hid the fact that during the Bataclan theater shooting pregnant French women had their babies cut out and men had their genitals cut off and stuffed into their mouths You wonder who really runs the show? He was 15 btw and she was 39 they said on one of the Q-anon thread? https://www.bitchute.com/video/AJ4Idd6Mz1RX a lot of social news site and video webpages seem worthless this morning, bunch of dead links and 404 errors This is a bad event, I doubt he actually shot many terrorist and I'm sure most of the people shot were innocent or just happened to be in that place. Some trolls and shit posters might post comments but usually these always events turn out worse for everyone. Less rights for people in NewZealand and the Western world, leftists screaming against their native countries and wanting more globalism and more multi cultural nightmares, less freedom for people in New Zealand the West, still i guess its kinda cool to watch Queensland Senator Fraser go full MILLION DOLLAR EXTREME !! Everything is slow this monring, 404 errors and facebook instagram offline yesterday .... makes you wonder?

What this dude was wrong, let's be clear, it was murderous and criminal and will probably hurt the West and NewZealand in the long term. There will probably be less freedom of travel between the Kiwi and the Aus and their other friends and brothers of Western Civilisation because of this criminal nutbag, from the short snaps and film i seen there was also more than one shooter which the media is not reporting.

There was a theory in the 1990s the naughty 2000s, it went mainstream on gossip blogs and conspiracy mags, they said the USA was infiltrated from within and jihad niggers infiltrated the CIA, the Mi6 was full of islamists and the FBI which is why nobody seen the 1993 World Trade Center bombing coming? The conspiracy origin it actually goes back even more, Nixon taking the US off the Gold Standard and onto the Petro Dollar, even back to the fucking Shiner Masons and further back in US / Western history. Just cut the damn jihad welfare and the islamists mostly run away, they can not survive without outside money from Terror support Saudi and internal support from Leftwing Neo Liberal Globalists. The true enemy is within and without welfare they run like rats. What this guy did was wrong, he mostly probably killed innocents and I hear there could be more than one shooter. There are two flavors of islamic shit, the Sunni Saudi version and the Shiite Iranian. This islam is fucking garabe, it is terror, it is the book of fanatics and rapists, it is murder and rape.This islam it considers all non-moslems to be infidels and is on a clash with Western Cvilistaion and Western Democracy, not all moslems will become an enemy of the West some might even become an ally Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rushdie, Sarah Haider, Tarek Fatah etc and so many others may become an ally or friend of the West, however islam is still garbage and wrong, just as the Aztec had garbage in the culture, just as Communist death camps in the USSR were wrong, islam is another one of the great wrongs.

People already have enough info to wake up and yet puppet masters still pulling strings?

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Where can i find the video?

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A core belief of Muslims is convert or kill non-believers. Islamist's are the small armies that commit insane terrorists acts in the name of their pedo founder. Stop bringing these incompatible people into the West and this shit will die down. Better yet, Syria is a cool place for all of them to move to, as I understand there is a lot of rebuilding to do there.

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No gibs or goys to kill tho

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They can practice on each other. Sunni and Shia love to kill each other for not believing exactly as they do.

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Right now kids under 18 are majority non-white. It's not something that's going to happen it's something that happened already and we just havn't realized the consequences. Non-whites vote a certain way. Voting will not be a viable option sooner than you might expect. Non-whites have more children than whites. So this will only get exponentially worse.

On the other hand we don't have the stomach for violence necessary to change it by force. Thinking otherwise is a delusion. So I guess move to the highest point on the ship because, it sinks last...

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Sounds like we needed Hillary to become president so it forced Whites to really wake up

[–] Conway 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Sadly I think you may be right, 4-8 more years of obama would have woke everyone up. Instead we have Q and "the plan". wooptiedoo

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Government must be so small that humanity's worst sociopaths aren't drawn to it.

How small must that be? Look where US started, and what it has become.

Everything that can be corrupted will be corrupted.

Freedom is the solution!

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Gal. 5:9

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That's coming. Nothing can stop the coming fascist resurgence.

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Please be right

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(((Democracy))) still stands in our way but hopefully not for much longer. It’s killing western civilization as we know it

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Thinking that you can vote your way out of this mess. Cute.

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We are a tolerant passive bunch. It is not enough they be greatful thankful and they feel empowered and allowed to impose their hell of intolerance. I wonder where they get that idea from. The gov't. They are fucking protected even. So yeah people are PISSED

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Our government is completely infiltrated. It’s to late for voting. Killing these traders is the only answer but everyone is such a fucking pussy that this entire county will be taken over soon.

I don’t even care the United States sucks, Germany was the real hero back before WWII. The Jews have always controlled this shit hole country. I’ll respect and love USA more when the Jews are gone.

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