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Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria


(((USA Government)))

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Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

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Oh no, what are they going to do, blow up a pop concert? Fly some planes into our buildings? Run a bunch of people over with trucks?

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Just another drop in the bucket.

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and more ammunition to fuel white rage.

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The event in New Zealand will be the catalyst for conflicts on our own soil. Every single one of our Western Nations is now at threat of retaliation. The talk in all moques in every Nation will center around this attack for the foreseeable future. Get ready Goats because we are going to see some happenings this year.

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ISIS are boring, they are just mohammedan koraniamls, if you destory them the same terrorists throw down there guns and form a new jihad terror network tomorrow morning with a new name. There are two flavors of islamic shit, the Sunni Saudi version and the Shiite Iranian. On this attack I hear there could be more than one shooter something the media is forgetting to tell you. I always criticized islam its a grabage religion full of terror, rape , jihadi, all there and its even translated into other langauges, just look inside the shit book the Quran or Koran. Assume you are watched because you are. However this moron probably mostly killed innocent people. In the long term this usually turns out worse for everyone, less rights, less freedoms etc Half of my internet is not working this morning, dead links, liveleak down and 404 errors everywhere, from what I seen on twitter he implicated Q-anon, Canadace Owens, Pewdiepie.

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You cannot attack israelis and get away with it, goybags!! haha shaloms & praise Mossad

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The jew does not like it when you break their tools.

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My sides

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He nose the truth.

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There are like 4 members of ISIS left. Keep your eye on the ball kid.

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Actually there is still a bunch of them left in israel, we fund them.

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all muslims are isis, just like all white men are white nationalists. its just which men arent weak cuck faggots

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There are probably plenty in europe.

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certainly, someone has to run the rape gangs!

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Let's get this show started! Dead Muslims in the streets, Jews hanging from the rafters!

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What, did the shooter accidentally kill some Israeli agents in the mosque?

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