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He's a Hero.

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I doubled down on my watch list status by claiming as much on facebook.

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And it shows a united front among westerners.

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Something that we seem to have never had, for the most part.

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it's not that westerns (or Europeans, or whites, or Christians) are united, it's more that ZOG is attacking everybody at the same time and everything that weakens ZOG is good for everyone else who is under ZOG attack.

So it's pretty damn hard not be united.

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Hell yeah and I'm not far from the tree of history and killing these fuckers as well. I might be doing it soon.

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At least pretend to care about optics before you get yourself taken out of the game before you even start playing.

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Except whites always strike back harder and more precisely. You push a white man far enough he never lets you off easy. Nice until we're not, as it should be.

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It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

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He included that poem in his manifesto.

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Nice until we're not, as it should be.


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It is their turn to tolerate our intolerance.

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I like it.

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Yes. Ethnic cleansing of a race of people will eventually be met with retribution, This isn't it, The people at the top are. I was watching that and I kept thinking he looked more antifa than anything else. Mozilla firefox paid them to go beat up Trump supporters, so this wouldn't be out the range of their fanatical religious cult shit. and implicating PewDiePie and Candace Owens was so left wing as they've become.

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Think PewDiePie and Candace Owens were just shitposts.

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yes but PDP has 70 million followers. Imagine just 10% of them reading the Manifesto.

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Yes, but it was used as springboard by the assholes in any case.

Toss in the shut down of facebook for good measure.

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Yeah but you're a confirmed Jew so Idk why anyone would care about your opinion.

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Cliché response from the paid.

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interesting point

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How did she lose her shoes?

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It's pretty much mandatory to remove your shoes when entering a mosque. My guess is instead of just running away at the first chance she got, she actually took a few seconds to grab her shoes (a few precious seconds that could've saved her life) then made a run for it. So when she got hit, she naturally dropped them.

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She got shot while running

Edit:Forgot the part where they aren't allowed shoes inside, she was probably running with them in hand.

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She wuz scared :/

Sometimes the little devil's don't know which way to run

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"Help me! Help me!"


hahaha, good stuff.

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I like how all the first three articles on the event label it as RACISM, as if you can be born with Islamic ideas in your head, and that its not a religion its a magical race now. A RACE!!! That's how they try to make it hate thought crime to think bad thoughts about muslim rapists in Britain.

This all need to be v/UpliftingNews or a new sub related to muslim invasion regret repercussions

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Where did the top pic come from?

Is there actually more than this one guy, as the news articles have been suggesting?

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paris, from the charlie-hebdo shooting.

they blasted the cop that was lying on the ground in the head

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thanks for explaining that picture, this 'meme' is actually something else, the message it sends is fantastic,

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Thank you for explaining. The contrast makes more sense now.

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I never knew this about that, thanks

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