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And the mindless masses screech like bodysnatchers when you even question the Narrative.

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Huh sounds familiar

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Got a source on that?

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Thanks. Holy f**k. Macron is nothing but a scumbag. I hope his day is coming.

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https://www.thelocal.fr/20180608/bataclan-victims-sue-french-state-for-not-allowing-soldiers-to-intervene they even told armed guards to not intervene. That is it for me I am going to be armed everyday for now on. Fuckem.

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You weren't aware of that??? A voater, not knowing this?

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it's the prefect time to start reposting all the bad things muslims have done so when the lefties reeee they have that fact standing there while no one cares about their feelings

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It'll help those who know better to maintain that lefties are beyond help. It also gives that good conscious feeling that you did your best to let them find their own way

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Don’t forget to reference thereligionofpeace.com

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We're not sure What the shooters motivations were.

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It's simply part and parcel of living in a big city.

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I watched the video and i was thinking he didn't cut off anyone's dick and shove it down down their throat. He didn't nail anyone's tongues to the table and rape them or cut their fucking eyes out.

Fucking politicians are all complicit in that and guilty as hell. reddit psychos with their WE love Muslims bullshit are shit on a stick. Them and the politicians should have been in the Bataclan.

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Absolutely horrifying. Imagine how much hate you must have for someone to be possessed to do this. And we let these people into our community.

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Yep. 4chan was onto the whole Second Floor thing straight away. But MSM, shills, politicians and even the french cops on the scene were blocking/denying it at every turn.

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Dont forget Beslan.

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