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Just because you convert from being a goat fucker to a sheep fucker doesn't make you a New Zealander either. Fuck off back to your desert hell hole you fucking shit skin, child raping, sub human pieces of shit or suffer the wrath of the awoken saxon that begun to hate.

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What this dumbass shooter did was wrong, it was criminal, violent and murderous. Yet islam is also wrong, I always criticized islam its a grabage religion full of terror, rape , jihadi, all there inside the shit book the Quran or Koran if you ever bother to read it. The first victim of islamism is usually the moslem themselves, the mohammedans will typically kill each other in a contest over who is the better muslim!? This morning my interwebs moves at a snail pace like a 1992 dail up, half of the websites that should have news are down or 404 errors. Assume you are watched because you are. However this moron probably mostly killed innocent people. In the long term this usually turns out worse for everyone, less rights, less freedoms etc There are a lot radioactive glow in the dark freaks, shills all over voat today, a lot of al-jazzera, Mi6, FBI, iranian press tv niggers, the CIA niggers on voat today try to bait for calls of violence? something the media is not telling you I hear there could be more than one shooter. Anyways its possible this shit started a long time ago, before 911, before the Barbary Pirates and Jefferson, started when islam was born and that 1400 yr old pedophile declared war between his mohammedan people and the infidels, maybe a clash of sorts goes even further back, the Zion kind, the masonic stone cutters and other tribes and religions since the dawn of civilistion.

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Then the invaders should have embraced our morality, laws, passivity, and non-violent side. Instead, they exploited those things. War negates all those parts of us. Now we must slaughter and cleanse all to appease the gods of War and Death as repentance for our fathers bad faith.

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No one is baiting violence.

The violence has already happened, and it started before that nut did.

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They don't give a shit. There are 59 Islamic countries because they didn't give a shit what the previous owners thought of them.

They don't give a shit about their dead either because they're a death cult. Palestinian women throw their babies into jewish bullets for money from Hamas.

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Amen brother

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LMAO cringe