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Ebba Åkerlund was a victim in a growing list of Muslim terror. While Islam is fully to blame we shouldn’t lose track of the main problem 👉🏻✡️

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Islamization is just a tool used by jews against whites.

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Everybody, practice white man intelligence. Keep in mind that we have multiple enemies. All enemies, but some at higher tiers. Jews, below them niggers and Muslims. Adjacent to them all are traitorous whites. Be vigilant, clean your guns, sharpen your knives, replenish your ammo. We're all in this together, friends.

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We are catching onto the Jew, expect more attacks like this to convince you Islam is your real enemy

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RIP to this and other innocents killed, too bad the mainstream media always spins, we are given fragments of info that they approve for broadcast and we never get to see all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

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I wish I just knew her story and this was the picture I attributed to it.

That image we all know will be forever burned into my memory and it is harrowing.

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Reminder: The French president hid the fact that during the Bataclan theater shooting (when muslims killed 130 French people), pregnant French women had their babies cut out from their stomachs and French men had their genitals cut off and stuffed into their mouths. They hid the gory details to cover for Muslims. Now let's see how many of the details regarding this shooting are hidden to "cover" for whites.

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She was killed during the Stockholm terror attack when a Uzbekistani man, who had some connection to is I think, drove a stolen truck into a walking street.

Her gravestone is being vandalized by some foreigner on a weekly basis. Currently nothing has been done about that even though the father caught the man on numerous occasions and called police.

However today he and Ebbas mother where not to happy that their daughters name and pic was used as a political tool. They gave this statement to a swedish newspaper.

"Min kommentar är att jag tycker att det är oerhört tragiskt att Ebbas namn missbrukas i politisk propaganda, säger Ebbas mamma Jeanette Åkerlund."

Translation: My comment is that I think it's incredibly tragic that Ebbas name is being misused as political propaganda, says Jeanette Åkerlund, Ebbas mother.

Edit: original article in swedish, https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/terroristens-propaganda-spred-manifest-innan-dadet/

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Swedes are such pussies it's like the Uber level of Boomer faggot cuckitry better let the govt watch me fuck SURE JUST CUM IN MY WIFES ASS BUT I DONT LIKE THAT MAKMOOWD

I could shoot swedes the same way I could shoot a coward traitor

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What did the father say?

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Good. Never forget what they've done.

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Now people will know her name.

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All pro white websites and news outlets haven’t forgotten her name and it’s consistently brought up. Red Ice did a good job of covering it

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How many Muslim corpses would you trade to bring back one murdered white girl?

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This is the one thing that rings true about this whole thing. What he said about her in the manifesto.
I now suspect some glownigger just stole it off a heartfelt Anonpost and stuck it in there for authenticity.


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Muzzies and niggers need to be eradicated.

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NB4 his actions serve to to disarm NZ and the west at large (as he'd intended), and things get much worse for little girls, until they have any chance of getting "better".

The NZ shooter unironically intended for his actions to serve and empower the left, and make things much worse for little girls like Ebba.

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The governments are already against their own people... wake the fuck up faggot.

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It's called accelerationism. Get with the program or prepare to die on your knees.

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The problem with accelerationism is I'll be dead by the time positive results come about, and in a meantime it will be a shitty life.

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Have you ever tried to disarm someone?

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Sadly many citizens are perfectly willing to disarm themselves. Just look to how Australia, or other similar countries accomplished disarmaments. Few have the revolutionary spirit of America.

It is to a large extent in people's hearts and minds that these sorts of issues are won over. (gun rights, immigration, etc.)

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This girl look nice looking.