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Lol Voat is freaking out about the biggest happening in a long time, while Empress is just posting wholesome facts about bees same as usual. God bless Empress.

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Empress is one of those- a good tree cannot produce bad fruit- kind of people.

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Empress drops a duece every day just like the rest of us. Probably at the same exact time every day.

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The same time as all of us?

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More facts:

Honeybees are not native to North America and are considered an invasive species.

Bumblebees can also make hives, albeit not as well studied. They do have guards at least when big enough.

Only honeybees have barbed stingers. Other bees can sting you and fuck off. Probably? There isn't much research or knowledge on them.

Ever seen one of these? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoverfly#/media/File:Syrphidae_poster.jpg They are flies and have no stinger or mandibles to bite you with. Totally harmless. The trained eye can tell them apart based on wing morphology, eye size and shape, and antenna shape. Of course with enough experience insect watching as it were you can tell them based on a glance as they have a look about them. They are also amazing fliers. Only dragonflies are more impressive.

Most bees are not social and make solitary nests in holes they find in wood for example.

Native pollinator diversity, at least in bumblebees, is falling. I suspect total numbers is crashing based on anecdotal evidence. It seems the last few summers have had almost no insects and I live in a small rural town.

Want to help local pollinator diversity stay strong? Put a bee hotel in your back yard. I know I did!

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I don't want to sound like an alarmist, but after plants insects are the most important foundation of terrestrial ecosystems. Please do everything you can to stop the destruction of their homes.

Except yellow jackets those construction looking ass niggers need to be flammenwerfered. And also ants. And all true bugs that bite humans like bedbugs (look up kissing bugs and never travel to South America). And mosquitoes. And actually all stinging wasps. Fuck em.

The rest can stay.

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What can we do to stop the destruction of insects' homes?

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Bumblebees make honey also, just not very much of it. People I've talked to that have eaten it claim it tastes better than honeybee honey.

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Got attacked by bumble bees when I was a kid mowing. Never been stung so many times and hurt as bad in my life. They attacked my white sock relentlessly. In the end I got stung about 13 times and my ankle doubled in size. I cried like a bitch.

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I ended up having to keep my hive on an old night stand. Only when I moved it did I realize they were taking out all the dead bees and putting them to rest in the drawer. Hundreds of them just laying inside like a mass bee grave

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This seems like an analogy for human life.

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It should be. But kids don't do shit and old people do nothing but shit.

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Hornets also have a similar age duty system. Bees just don't have the be a nasty motherfucker stage.

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What would you do with 40-45 days left to live?

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If I could fly around from flower to flower, it might be nice actually. No homo

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They also like to get drunk and the bouncers won't let the drunk bees in until they sober up.