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Jews should have read this book before creating the 3rd world invasion of White nations. A key point made in the Art of War is to always leave your enemy (that's us White people) a path to escape. By opening our borders to niggers, spics, chinks, pajeets, and sandniggers they have created a situation where we MUST fight to the death. There is nothing more dangerous in war than facing an enemy that has nothing to lose.

I honestly believe the jew has a death wish. They thrive on victimhood.

What's coming for Israel and Judaism is going to be ...a real holocaust.

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They left you an escape path... race mixing... jk

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LOL. You're right.

But I'd choose to go out in a blaze of glory and take as many of the (((real enemy))) with me.

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Sun Tzu tells that when fighting a hopeless battle against a suprior foe, you PUT YOUR ARMIES BACK TO THE CLIFF.

A star trek episode said it best : "I am dead. We are all dead. We go into battle to reclaim our lives. Victory is Life."

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Only 56 pages! That's not TL to DR.

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I had copy in my truck for the longest time. Just pop it open to any chapter and just start reading.

My copy had a pretty good interpretation by a professor from some college in England I think.

Had to toss it. Got water damaged

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Tiny enough book that it makes a decent bathroom reader.

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It's good reading.