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He's the facebook shooter. Nomenclature

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He streamed it on FB. Same as that autistic kid that got kidnapped and tortured.

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Same as the Swedish girl that got ass raped for hours.

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Just read about that, only got a year or two each.

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Just after LifeLog finished their "server config change" and before the veil is lifted on the Russiagate b.s.. What timing.

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Can see this nigger glowing from space.

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False flag to discredit the Chan. That is all this is.

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A nzbro went and attacked muslims. A white person went and killed brown people.. the guy did good, you anti-acceleration do nothing but post on the internet are the problem.

Hurr durr false flag, do nothing, dont react, dont fight back. Do nothing.

Its gross how brainwashed people like you are.

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"Hur dur go commit lone wolf attacks on nobodies who will be replaced with more"

More gun control, more security and laws to protect muslim refugees.

Ain't going to get anywhere unless people form a militia and target the policy makers.

In the guys manifesto he even says Jews and Israel are no threat to western civilization.

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He didn't name the Jew once in his writings, even said that he was cool with Isreal. He's not one of us.

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wew holy shit. You weren't kidding he did shoot up a mosque. Shot a lot of people, they're definitely dead too, not wounded. This is going to be all over the news for a long time.

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He went back in TWICE to make sure they were all with allah.

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Holy shit. The painting on those guns was intense.

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I couldn't read any of it, you?

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I saw "this is for" I assume "Ebba" came after. The other words were dates and names of terror attacks, wars between whites and muslims, and other attacks on muslims.

Pretty bad ass honestly.

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Did he get away?

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