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More reasons why all nonwhites should be punished brutally for their hypocrisy and anti-whiteness. No fuxking mercy. They all get the axe.

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(((white))) people undeservedly getting into universities

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I get the feeling this scandal was exposed ahead of major incoming changes at Harvard because the Chinese are exposing massive amounts of Jewish nepotism there. So the Jewish media is putting this out now so that they don't look as bad, when they've been doing this for decades.

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I think the "Shinease" Niggers learned how to act from watching American Niggers so there is that to keep in mind. As for The Jews they leak stories like this out every time they feel threatened that more people mite be uncovering the truth about everything.

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interesting Im suprised I didn't catch that

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Gorilla folk of color getting into top universities to play ball and fuck all the white women

While cuck white men wear their favorite gorilla jerseys and talk their stats

Beyond pathetic

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At least the rich are giving something of vale in return for admission, on the other hand, the "diversity" admissions give nothing in return.

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npr at work today had some poc bitch on and she literally said "now this goes to show that we deserve to be here, we arent like these rich people paying their way in" wtf how do you figure, they paid to get in and you got in because youre black you dumb cunt!

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No. Blacks are 870% overrepresented at ivy league with respect to their testing scores.

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All in the name of Affirmative action.

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Yep. Pretty much this. You cant be mad that some people cheat when they have actually written race quotas into law.

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