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I don't understand boycotting movies. Either you decide to see it or not. I chose to stop watching all Hollyweird movies simply because I don't like any movies produced in the last 2 decades. They are all SJW themed. Story lines weak, gay porn. All white actors are now black, all male actors are female... all train wrecks. It's unlikely I'll ever pay to watch movies again with an occasional exception here or there when Hollyweird screws up and releases a watchable film.

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I was completely fine with movies 10-15 years ago because of conditioning. I have broken my conditioning, and those same movies fucking suck now. I watched Dodgeball last night, and goddamn it is incredible with the subliminal subversion going on in it.

Ben Stiller plays the character of White Goodman (never caught that before, but holy shit... not even hiding it. WHITE is his name?). He is an ultra douche who has a giant black bull who he is clearly gay with, but not openly. At one point in the movie when he is being incredibly unfunny and douchy, he says "I'm just White. W. H. I. T. E." Yeah, what the fuck, how did I not notice this fucking jew doing this shit before? And of course, our hero average Joe goes after the pretty white girl, who turns out to be bi-sexual and makes out with a girl in the final scene. There's also the bumbling idiot teenager played by Justin Long, and the cuck white guy with a mail order Asian bride. Not a single traditional relationship in the entire fucking movie except for the one with the bumbling idiot going after his high school crush is dating a Chad (pushing being a beta cuck instead of the Chad).

The subversion in Hollywood has been going on for decades, we are just now waking up to it.

It almost sucks being red-pilled, because I can't even enjoy things I used to without seeing this bullshit. But I would very much rather have my eyes wide open than be ignorant of these creatures among us.

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Nice write up. Yes, once you see the subtle conditioning you can't unsee it anymore. It's interesting that I have found myself agreeing more with the (white) villains in movies. One that recently comes off the top of my head is the new Mission Impossible Fallout. The white villains planned to destroy the Abrahamic religious sites and bring an order to the world. I would be interested if there are any channels or sources that point out the subtle conditioning in movies.

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Seedbox, pirate anything you actually want to see (for me that's not much).

No money goes to Kikelywood.

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Ah, but ye need a VPN for pirating.

I don't have one....

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And yet you don't understand boycotting movies. When you are in effect boycotting a movie. Goddamn I hate people. Seriously this is the dumbest fucking species.....

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123 movies is how I keep up now, no more money of mine goes to (((Hollywood))).

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You are still passively pissing away a lot of time and attention on crap. What exactly is it that you think that you need to, "keep up" with"?

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We should just abolish copyright laws for a decade, possibly forever. Imagine what a horrific blow that would be to our enemies.

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Star Trek at one point permitted fan work, but fans were making way better material than them and they had to put a stop to it.

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Its like they dont realize they could hire fans and pay them less than they do their own writers, save money and make shit that people want to see. I know crazy concept, would ruin the kike nepotism.

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And when SEGA sees a fan made project outdoing them, they just hire the fans who worked on the game. Interesting how Sonic Mania is by far the best selling SEGA game in 21 years.

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Maybe just take it back to 14 years plus one renewal of 14 years for the original author only. Copyright has a purpose, but there is no valid reason for it to be life of the author plus 70 years. If I write a song and record it, I don't deserve to have someone else decide to just flat steal it from me and make money off my work. But there is no reason my great grandchildren should still be able to control everything about that song years after I have died.

Copyright violation should also be limited to actual financial gain from the act. No more thousands of dollars in penalties automatically for forgetting to stop a torrent from seeding. If you make a copy and sell it for $5 that is the limit of your liability. If you make a copy and give it away for free there is no liability as there was no profit.

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I disagree.

Content producers do it better when they do it for free (or by donations). People who write books because they care about the content of the book, not because they are going to be well paid for it, will produce books that are worth reading rather than propaganda. The same goes for music, television, and all other forms of media. When you care about the song itself, rather than the profit you'll make from you, you can produce media that will help to revitalize our culture.

But why don't these content producers exist now? They do. They're not popular because they can't be monetized, so the nepotistic media organizations which are responsible for selecting which music to play won't use them as they don't enrich their tribe.

Well what about my song? I put effort into it, I would like a little compensation for it. And I certainly don't want someone else making money off of my work!

1. You haven't actually written a song.

  1. There are ways to get compensation for your music that don't include copyrighting. There include concerts, donations, selling CDs or streaming services. No you will not be a rich, famous rock star. But those only exist because the media support them, they don't exist because of copyright laws. Besides, do you really think song-writers are more valuable than engineers? Why should they be paid more?

  2. The media is a form of control. There aforementioned rock stars are a means of introducing propaganda to the masses. Naive and foolish people will listen to their favorite sponsored artist tell them about how they need to feed the kids in Africa. Copyright further supports this enterprise as it allows them one method of shutting down their competition.

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According to their lobbying efforts, it seems like this is what Disney fears most.

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This is an idea I could get behind.

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Waaay too many normals are still watching their bullshit.

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My friend, I have been boycotting Disney since 1998.

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Honestly I can't even tell you the last time I saw a Disney movie. I streamed a few of the early Avenger stuff, by since I didn't pay I don't really count that.

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Good luck bro. I don’t go to see any of this horseshit but Captain Marvel made $61 million on Friday alone. Black Panther made like $700 million last year.

You guys are kidding yourselves. How about instead we do something easier and save the West by taking women’s rights away?

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If we successfully kill all the SJW writers, we get rid of ALL the shit movies.

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George Lincoln Rockwell tried to boycott Kosher foods. He said they almost starved. See: Kosher Food Racket


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Just get rid of the TV altogether. You'll damage ALL of them killing two birds with one stone.

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I have successfully boycotted Disney for at least the last 15 years. I watched star wars out of curiosity, but that was a torrent, so according to their rules I stole from them. That's like boycott+.

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