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I'm curious about how much information dissenter is gathering, and for what reasons. Assuming no javascript (which is pointless because the whole fucking thing requires JS to exist, but for the sake of the argument...), they get your IP, host, referer, useragent, and the site you've visited. With this I can get your network ASN, ISP info, geolocation, Operating system and version, and device type. This is all completely without you approving any privs from your browser; this is just from you hitting a normal http request.

With the JS running, you can do browser fingerprinting via whatever the flavor of the month is (canvas, out of bounds drawing, some others that I can't remember) and just about create a unique identifier per user (not based on the obvious state data you'd sub for your dissenter login)

So is dissenter a great method of ghosted communication, or is it the best way to track and identify dissenting individuals? I don't know, but its definitely abusable.

If the feds decided to fuck some shit up, they could just nab those server and have a full database of people to be put on list. Voat has the same issue in this regard.