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They are trying to make regular lefties seem moderate. Same as how folks in Europe always comment that what we call liberal would be conservative in their country. Bullshit, the center is populated with people in the center between the extremes. Open borders, 50%+ taxation, socialized everything, and hate speech laws are not centrists or even moderate. They are extreme.

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Precisely this. They're using AOC to move the Overton Window.

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Thanks for the term. I knew there was one for what they were doing but did not know it was Overton Window.

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She is deep state now. Soros, pretty little puppet selling socialism to kids. She is going to 100% backing from Hollywood and media, anything and everything jew owned, just like Hillary did.

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Well, it's a donkey, the face of the Democratic party, what do you want?

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Fox is pushing her because the plan is to paint every liberal with her brush.

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I was talking to an NPC and he complained that there is too much of her in the media. They are starting to realize that she is bad for their cause.

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Why are you watching?

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It's serves one well to know the enemies plan.

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If you think by watching brainwashin programming you can get to know the plans of your enemies..

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((( the 2 party system - Repubs/Dems )))

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Can you stop posting about her then?

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Fuckin funky bug eyed buck toof bitch. Needs a punchin.

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