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Glad I'm not the only one who noticed israel being inserted everywhere... My eyebrows raised a little more each time, they were in my hair by the time I stopped watching.

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Creepy, obedient Stepford politicians. The don't represent their constituents at all. They don't even pretend to.

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Hubris. Let them carry on. Mind the gap.

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Sounds like it so far. :(

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Candace Owens talks a good game, but as far as I know, she's still in possession of all the data that was submitted to Social Autopsy when the site was live, and she never actually walked back that idea or admitted that it was a bad idea. I'm inclined to distrust her, if for no other reason then because of Social Autopsy.

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Thanks I don't know anything about that.

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She was crowd funding a doxing website and when a reporter interviewed her about it she didn't know what doxing was.

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She's uncle Tom on roids. She's intelligent enough to realize there are already too many negroes and other victim groups on the left thus being a spokesperson of the right will pay her better due to smaller competition. Being a token Negro of the conservatives can be very lucrative. Besides, she could always jump ships once the white man loses power. Many conservative blacks have done this in the past.

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Candace Ovens

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Damn son

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Nauseating... isn’t it?

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When I read the verbiage in the anti-Semitism bill is what finally did it. Are they going to write that same thing for every identity, black, white, Tibetan? No I suppose not. The sign here if you want disaster relief in Texas thing and then Greg Abbott going on for 5 minutes about Israel also bummed me out. No one cares if you are a Jew or not, please shut the fuck up, you are doing it wrong. Supposed to be land of free, that includes Jewish people for those who might be able to handle that. Current state of things is just beyond fucked up.

And I hate to say it. These Jews need to learn to be civilized, whoever is driving this madness.

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Damn sambos gone sambos.

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If you watch the whole thing they denounce the democrats as slavery, pretty strongly. And then a few minutes later in a face palm kind of move, instead of just being free in a free country, cast someone else as a sort of master and "thought leader". Basically just swapped the former for the latter, maybe one day 30 years from now realize who was in the world in general involved in slave trade.

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Yeah I did watch. They love Israel.

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Looks like My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell didn't either.

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In what year in politics, or in general, will we not have to hear about Israel or Jewish people every 5 minutes

When you turn it off.

Why feed the beast?

You listening to liars lie will change exactly nothing.

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Apparently :(

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