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All the Feminists with honourable agendas stopped decades ago in the west. The ones we have now haven't got a clue what they are fighting for, are un dateable and hate men for childish reasons. Feminism looks like a business these days not a movement.

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It never was honorable, anyone who thought so was a useful idiot.

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Women getting voting right is where shit started to hit the fan. It's the point where elections started switching from "actual politic" to "emotional manipulation".

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This. It was a hate and division movement right from the start.

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It has always been about rich, bored women wanting to be important.

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I was a useful idiot, but I was 18 and it was 1970.

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To be a feminist nowadays means to be pro-abortion. You can't be a feminist and be pro-life.

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A business movement - BM - also known as taking a dump.

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Nailed it.

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There must be other women out there like me. Women who are working hard to shed the feminist claptrap we were taught and replace that nonsense with traditional values. We are modeling this for our daughters. We are the quiet ones, but we're here.

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There are lots more women like you out there, don't worry. I really think once most people leave the education system they start to think for themselves a bit and realize they have been brainwashed by their teachers and media a lot growing up.

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Why bend over backwards, and engage in mental gymnastics akin to "it wasn't real communism", just to salvage a fundamentally toxic brand? Feminism was never a good thing, and you will not make a good thing out of it by adding confusion to the mix.

The concept of "feminism" in any form is and will always be divisive and fruitless. To understand why, simply consider what self-professed followers of "meninism" would be inclined to believe and how they would be compelled to act.

Feminism is a rallying cry against men, and can never be anything else.

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It's even the root of the word - "feminism" implies that women must be above men. If they wanted true equality, that's what egalitarianism is.

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But Feminism that honors motherhood isn't bad

Real Feminism teaches that women are valuable because of something only they can do, give birth and raise children.

That's not really feminism. That's traditionalism.

an attack on women.

Feminism is not just an attack on women, it's an attack on all of western civilization. Feminism is a Trojan Horse for multi-generational white genocide. It can be used to genocide other races, but it's mostly just used against whites.

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Your “real feminism” doesn’t exist. At least, not as a political movement. It used to be called “the status quo”. What you’re deeming Jewish Feminism IS feminism.

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But libtards took the word "liberal" and turned it on its head. Why cant we?

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There is no good feminism. At best you have to pay the pander-to-women tax, humor them with charm, and do the right thing regardless.

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Called it. Still laughed.

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Never date a woman who thinks she's equal to a man.

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Seriously, how do you undo the brainrot that regressive liberalism inflicts on a brain? I'm stuck trying to do emergency treatment on an afflicted, but it's like a zombie virus. There is no reason anymore. Only talking points.The latest thing I had to grit my teeth for was the insistence that all religion worshipped females as the gods of power. I mention Thor, Odin, Zeus, Chronos, Seth, Re, Hades, Yaweh, Baal, Lucifer, Gabriel - and then we just get diverted to: Nope, those were all after the matriarchal gods of the pagans. I'm just like, did you ever bother studying ancient cultures? Because I literally did exactly that, yet my opinion is somehow less relevant than that of buzzfeed? Seriously though, any help? I love him too much to lose him to the disease. There must be a way out. I got out, after all.

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Best thing to do with this gal is cut all ties and walk away. Do t waste one more fucking minute of your life with her attempting to turn her. You will be fat better in the long run. These people are poison.

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Tell him he's a fucking pussy and tell him to man the fuck up, and that spewing leftist talking points makes him an effeminate piece of shit and not a real man. If he spergs out, it tells you all you need to know to run the fuck away. If he doesn't, and improves himself, maybe it might be worth staying.

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how do you undo the brainrot?

The fastest way to turn him conservative is to have him go someplace where he will get mugged. It might help even more if the assault happens in a large city with gangs. He needs to get bootstomped and live in fear for a month.

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regressive liberalism

implying that there is any kind of progressive liberalism

believing in progress

That's a yikes from me

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Look I didn't know what I was getting into when I signed up for this, but now the feels are there, so Idno what to do. I won't just see him turn progressively more retarded.

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By chance I saw a longtime-ex(20 years plus) posting some feminist dating advice on Facebook recently. It was a list of do's and don'ts for men to do on a date. I don't have my own own account, so I couldn't reply but this woman needs to sort her own shit out first before advising others. There's a reason she's pushing 40 and writing dating tips on Facebook.

It also reminded me I was the fool for looking at stupid shit like Facebook in the first place.

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How desperate must a man be to date a feminist? Seriously, at that point, just go screw a whore.

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