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>women make terrible leaders in general

And in other news...

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So you get a downvote from either a cucked, pussy "man" or an outraged woman, neither of whom can handle the truth.

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Or someone paid to do it. Either way, I laugh.

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Woman make decisions by consensus which is fine within a familys but it absolutely does not scale.

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i downvoted you for crying about downvotes

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the type of women who would make good leaders choose to create great children rather than pursue a career

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I spent 12 years in combat arms in the U.S. Army. Went through two conflicts and dealt with a shit ton of women in leadership roles. ALL but two were absolutely useless.

As an example, I had to tech a princess "on the fly" how to use a map. I had to actually tech this princess who GRADUATED WEST POINT how to read god damn grid squares and what they did. This princess was actually trusted to call ARTY FFS!!

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I can't help but stick my nose in here. My fellow white person, get yourself out of the 1800s. Oy vey!!!

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Just imagine how bad she must actually have been for her to be pulled from such a high profile PR position.

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It's likely that the other pilots did not feel safe with her flying. In anyway military scenario you have to trust the others with your life and if you don't you will underperform.

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"Loss of confidence in ability to command" often means fucking someone they shouldn't have been. Like, really often.

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I doubt it was the flying. I doubt most of the men would have felt safe speaking out against her, unless it was something so bad they were willing to risk their entire career. She would have been considered a golden child. This must have been a serious fuck up to get removed from command. Could have been financial stuff, drugs/alcohol, cheating on a spouse, or a myriad of other things.

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And for all the REEEs, they probably are very selective about who does this kind of job. Most men aren't fit for it either. I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that she might have gotten the position due to her sex rather than skills.

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Just imagine how bad she must actually have been


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Banging the general. Got the job. Got caught.

Maybe they were worried she would ask for more and fried her.

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She was a danger, apparently

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Probably couldn't park the thing.

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Women really don't belong in the military. Ever.

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That's racist.

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During times of total war they are needed to perform administrative and manufacturing duties back home, freeing up men to go and fight.

I don't think anyone can deny the importance of women in warfare. They tend to be the force that keeps the entire shitshow running from home while the men are fighting. Those auxiliary support roles women fill are absolutely crucial. I always wondered- why isn't that good enough for women? Why do they need to feel more important and attempt to compete with men in fucking combat, where men have literally every advantage?

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Men really aren't capable of raising children. Ever.

Fun with absolutes.

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Which is why women stay out of the military and raise the children at home where they belong. Always.

Fun with pedantic subhumans.

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If only they had hired Brie Larson instead...

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She has an ass like a man.

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She has an ass like a man without an ass.

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Googled "Brie Larson no ass" and found this: https://www.imgoat.com/uploads/5d8ce590ad/196245.jpg

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Probably was boinking the other pilots

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I don't know if this is the same chic or not but there was an article about a female air force officer and pilot who during training was was said to be a hazard and a liability as a pilot. I wish I could find it but apparently she had made several mistakes that would have grounded a male officer but she as female and the military wanted a female fighter pilot really bad they kept giving her more chances.

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Yeah it was the hultgreen story I was thinking of. I had a dim memory of somebody dying. Now it's clear. Thanks for the info.

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Never heard of before but read article. One day not enough rights for women in military, next day they are a "victim of flawed policy". There's just no winning.

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Politics before reason

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"The removal of Capt. Kotnik from the high-profile F-16 Demo Pilot position is a blow for Air Force public affairs since Capt. Kotnik’s posting to the position made a positive statement about the role of female officers and pilots in the U.S. Air Force"

Giving someone a job based on their sex is a negative statement about their sex's capabilities, not a positive one.

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Women have troubles driving sports cars on windy roads. They have problems with depth perception. Hilarious seeing them fail. There's a link on this thread of a female pilot dying just trying to land her plane on an aircraft carrier. Women should be home builders and comforting a man, not trying to compete against them. Society is fucked.

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