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Yep, standard 'invert the truth' tactic. Practically everything is an inversion of the truth. (((they))) are behind it all, of course.

6,000,000 Ukrainians starved to death by Jew bolshevics in the 1930s .... becomes 6,000,000 Jews killed by Nazis a few years later.

Utter fucking scum.

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'invert the truth' tactic

It's actually called the 180 degree rule, from filmmaking (which is also a Jewish creation). In a film, if the camera crosses the 180 degree line formed by two subjects in a conversation, it confuses the viewer as to who is who. Also sometimes referred to as 'flipping the script' (also from film, obviously), but 'flipping the script' doesn't always imply polar inversion or foul intention.

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I think the same principle is at play. It's playing on an understanding of the human mind, how it works, and how to manipulate and control - to bypass the conscious mind to the subconscious level where programming takes place. That's all Neuro Linguistic Programming is too, a direct route to the subconscious and as you say in itself isn't evil but can be used in that way. Repetition is an essential element too

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'invert the truth' tactic.

It's a (((Sabbatean))) principle of sacred inversion. What's "good is evil and what's evil is good". Just like the Hermetic Gnostic principle of "As above, so below".

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White men killing white men, at thr behest of joos.

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It's "Jews", only kikes say "joos"

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I think some people think they'll avoid some kind of flag if they get creative about spelling.

Ofc, considering the amount of money they pour into tracing/tracking anti semitism, it's not going to help.

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It's "Kikes", only kikes say "Jews". Jk

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How about juice?

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Well now that they've "globalized" every white country, and only every white country there will be other targets for the future.

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hopefully with the internet, we'll all wake up at the same time and work together

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I say it all the time,all these social media organizations suspend your account if you spell it the other way

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Hopefully Iran will obtain Nuclear Weapons and even the score by dropping the same on Israel very soon..

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Prepare to be Operation Samson'd.

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So the picture is from 1944, the sketch is from 1945, then a magazine article was printed 1946. Timeline checks out goyim

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It just implies that the sketch artist had seen the photograph elsewhere.

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looks traced and not sketched from memory

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They steal the photo, lie about it, and then defraud history.

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German at the bottom:

Marquis de Sade would feel actual revelry when he could see a gallows in the concentration camp. His faithful followers, the S.S. hangmen, have the execution fever some days. There is actually some variety, not just the monotonous shooting or bludgeoning. Something that someone likes to photograph. One bets rounds of beer on how long the delinquent will hold out. He's not to die early.

When that came near, he was unbound, and when he had recovered somewhat, it was continued...ad maiorem diaboli gloriam! [tn: for the greater glory of the devil, a perversion of Ad maiorem Dei gloriam, for the greater glory of God.]

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Eli Weasel, Simon Weaselthal


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Idk who is more faggot. Faggots or jews.

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If it wasn't for Jews we would have a fraction of the faggotry, so Jews.

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That's an intelligent answer.

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Fuck yeah they do.

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