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Yes, thank the jewish God of war!!! Had Hitler won us jews wouldn't be able to mop the floor with you goys hahaha shaloms and praise israel

Pedophilia will be legalized next. You will also be able to buy roasted baby fetus at stores haha ENJOY!!

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I won't even have to go to China to get roasted baby fetus. Sounds great.

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I thought you Jews needed to extract the blood live while the subject experiences extreme pain as demanded by kosher practices. I hope to find a way to sell your religion nigger ebola babies to wipe you out. Blankets 2020 style.

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If hitler had wanted to secure the future of the germans he shouldn't have invaded his neighbors. As for the rest of the world. They had to stop him or they would have been next. As for this horrible degeneracy that we a face now we are quite capable of dealing with it without invading foreign lands or instituting draconian control over people.

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We traded commiting sin in the name of God for for a SLIGHTLY lower morality. The idea of racial superiorty has damaged white people more than any race creed or religion. You guys have been Satan's bitches for a long time, and let's not forget if it wasn't for ignorant racists, Israel would not have existed. The Libs are eternally grateful you guys exist

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I actually would take some McDonald fries right now.

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Miley Cirus apparently thinks her pussy doesn't stink.

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No shit

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Top right and bottom right


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Thanks for top and bottom right. I needed a good fap.

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Faps to little boys like Miley Cyrus

I bet you've got a nice dildo infused pride parade to attend next, eh, Shekelsteinberg?

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I bet you've got a nice dildo

You don't know who HPOP is do you newfag?

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