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Original tweet

This could be a hoax and the Jewish kid took a picture of a random dude but I thought it was pretty funny either way.

Edit: omg it gets better.

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The Jew will tell you what happened to him by never why.

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to be fair it could be as simple as niggers nigging.

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Its because we cant remember because of the trauma!!!! hateful goys!!!

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AlterAtYeshiva.... lmaooooo

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Groid better calm down or Cohen will come and take his gibs.

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Yeah I agree. Maybe the guy was just standing there and the other guy wanted him to move or something. And he wouldn't.

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Maybe this is the course we need to go. If we can't stop the Jews from importing these things into our country, turn them against their overlords.

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You're not wrong. We'd be a lot better off with 2% niggers instead of 2% Jews. There's a triple win with those numbers.

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Ive long suspected this is the strategy that should be pursued

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Blacks are pretty aware of the JQ.

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True, but there are more than 2% Jews though, they hide their real numbers

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tell them who owned the slave ships and ran the slave markets.

they'll know how to handle the problem from there.

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The indoctrination is too deep they wouldn't believe you.

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This unfortunately is the answer

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We'll have to repopulate Israel some how.

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This is 100% what needs to be done. As I say here, Jews are already extremely disliked by black Americans, things that are dismissed by whites (and (((whites))) and the population at large) as anti-semitic conspiracy theories are openly discussed in the black community. The only problem is that blacks see jews as white, and given the US government's slavish devotion to jews it's small wonder. Differentiating whites and jews and constantly stressing the evil jews have inflicted and continue to inflict upon blacks is a winning (but long-term) strategy.

EDIT: removed extra stuff from copy-past

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irish slavery is the key here

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So the task at hand is making sure blacks know the difference in Jews and Anglo's. Got it.

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Based negro

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Lmao... this is just hilarious. A black guy hit him and he STILL cant bring himself to describe him as a black guy. lol, shit if a blackie hits you, that's automatic name change to nigger

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Instant promotion!

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No. I refuse to call that man a nigger.

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There is no blacks, only nigs.

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Is that the Bat Signal above his head?

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Yes, it's clearly the signal for Mr. Battmann to please come rid the platforms of all Hasids.

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They get a head of the line pass on my new roller coaster

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No that's the Black Signal, that's Blackman.

Cue the music; Dadadada Blackman. DADADADADADA BLACKMAN. Blackman. Blackman. Blackman. Dadadada....etc

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Where's Goose Wayne Batman when we really need him?

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They are finally waking up to the Jewish Slave Trade

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Probably the kike tried to sell him into slavery

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Or more likely his landlord is a kike. New York niggers hate kikes because every building owner and manager is Jewish.

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Probably a Pol tard irl. Let’s face it, niggas who like anime are the whitest black guys and most likely channers.

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I'm here monitoring this with the ADL. I had a moment of silence for this poor jew who went through this terrible crime. Its okay if shvartza's fuck with goys but NOT WITH JEWS!!

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OY VEY who do these shvartza's think they are??

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