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So the Roman empire was Moslem? Pretty sure it was jews and Romans at the time.

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Some nigger on Reddit blew up trying to tell me all the things Africa has done for the world. I couldn’t make this shit up:

“Yes we did ask the pharoahs, the Nubians, the aksumites, the Solomonic dynasty of ethiopia, the zulus, Hannibal and carthage, kanem-bornu, Ghana empire, sosso empire, kilwa, gedi, mansa musa, queen nzhingha, septimius severus, even had Christianity first, mark the apostle brought it to Egypt, the Coptic church we were doing great til the blue eyed red necked menace came. Knowledge of self is 🔑”

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Full blown kangs, eh?

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I'm not going to bother debunking this point by point but the guys is a retard. He even mentions Hanibal and a Roman.

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Actually not even Jews. They were Samaritans who were afflicted by Jews and hosting some Romans also. Samaritans weren't even Jewish.

Soon after Romans left the Byzantine Empire came and nearly finished their civilization. Samaritans were converting to Christianity over converting to Judaism and Jews evoked the Romans to kill Christ. It was a real civilization and was its own people and religion. Jews tried to subvert them in many ways. The Good Samaritan was a story told by Jesus, a few Samaritans still live as a people in this current day. Jews came fairly late and fairly soon after Christianity was born. Some say Christianity was popular, as an immune response to more hostile Judaism as it was being practiced at the time, which was more violent.

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Christianity wasn't formed until after jesus died. Jesus went around preaching the Jewish Torah and ways of life and was persecuted by his fellow jews because of it.

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Lol so much confusion

Islam is a race?

Islam predates christianity?

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Religion is common to central control of ideology, nationalism, patriotism. Like Flags, Religious belief systems are used to rally people to a cause.

Why organized religion is so dangerous.

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Which is why we became weak aftee we scorned it.

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Islam is a mystical religion, Arabs were the ethnicity of Mecca at the time, Islam is not a race-related religion.

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They think muslim is the pc term for dirty towel head arabs.

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Also, was born in Nazareth, AKA Decapolis. That area was steeped in Greek culture for centuries, and Jesus was essentially a Greek Hebrew. He was probably pretty swarthy with lighter skin. The Cross had "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" written in Latin, Hebrew, and GREEK for a reason.

Christianity is a Greek mystery religion which emerged from the religion of the Hebrews. We have 1,900 years of iconography that depicts Jesus as light skinned.

Also, "Muslim" isn't a race, ffs. Pretty sure the Muslims in Indonesia look different from the ones in Nigeria and Georgia.

This level of supidity literally makes me crosseyed.

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The fertile crescent is not a mudslime area historically up until the invasion of Islam. No brown fuckers there, you had Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Caananites, Jews, and other small semitic groups like Assyrians. None of these people were the brown we know today.

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Serious question: why do blacks like Malcom X insist that Jesus was black? Just because he was from the middle east does not mean he was black. I know a Coptic Christian guy from Egypt who is furious at blacks trying to claim dynastic Egypt as their own. Isn’t this cultural appropriation? Yet many black ppl wear Egyptian regalia with pride. Am just trying to make sense of this. Thanks.

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Yeah, you could call it "cultural appropriation", but that term is stupid. There is a tradition in Catholicism for various cultures to draw Jesus, the Holy Family, and the Apostles in a way that makes the characters take on the appearance of that particular culture. For example, you'll see American Indian Jesus or African Jesus or whatever. The Church doesn't suppress these expressions because what they really represent is those people making the faith their own.

Personally, as a Latin Rite Catholic, I'm partial to iconography, but I wouldn't attack an African for depicting Christ as one of his own kind, because what matters more than anything is the salvation of souls... even if it isn't historically accurate or to my personal liking.

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yea jesus was a jew. le baste and redpilled jews sure know how to tell der european menschen how to live dont they? all hail our jewish overlord

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You sound almost as well informed as the chick in the image.

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Well, it's obvious the "43" in her username is her IQ...

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Also, the dark skinned Arabic type peoples did not live in that area at the time.

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But then you'd have to know that they invaded 600 years later.

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Ex-Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera Reveals How the Vatican created Islam


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Well the first part's right of course. The rest is dumb as hell.

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