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Funny, wasn't it their side that started the whole fake news thing?

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Yes, over Pizzagate.

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Expose a few jewish pedophiles. I don't see how that is fake news. Or you can can explain how a pizza place owner was voted into the top 50 of most powerful men in America.

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The worst thing is, 'Fake news" was an invention of piss pants lefty (((Journalists))) thats turned around to bite them in the ass.

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'herb-smoking hippies', 'deplorables', 'nazis', 'fake news'

...its almost like theyre describing themselves while projecting at the same time.

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I can’t even fathom the mindset of people who feel the need to be offended about the dumbest shit. What a painful sad existence it must be

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That is their outward motive. The true motive is censorship.

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That's their obvious inner motive. The TRUE motive is to murder of 90% of the human race, and 100% of the white races. Then to have world domination and rule as absolute godkings over the rest who are alive.

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They're not actually offended, they just realize that within their ranks, victimhood is power, and they get a nice endorphin rush every time they get someone to bend to their will. It will end poorly for them.

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The degree of affected victimhood is proportional to the severity of the punishment they feel entitled to inflict. It is the political expression of pathological narcissism.

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Coming back to demand a more bigger better apology was stunning.

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SJWs never abandon a feeding frenzy.

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They're not offended. Just attention whores.

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"Our democracy" from the bulldyke. Fucking shit, America is not a democracy and it's subversive to even use the word. It's a constitutional republic. Because people are 2 dumb and emotionally stunted to vote directly on the issues.

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America is a criminal corporation masquerading as a democracy masquerading as a republic.

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Think of any entry level job you've ever had. That's how much your vote counts.

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We may have been founded as a republic, but we are far from that now.

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I just love how someone can claim offence and most companies put their tails between their legs like that. Fuck me that's aggravating.

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They are making a vacuum that will soon be filled by the unmerciful.

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It's been a weaponized tactic for a very long time, now. The only difference is that companies used to have a semblance of a backbone, and therefore rendered the tactic mostly useless. The more companies cave, the more it emboldens the left. Maybe that's why they do it.

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Gas the journos news war now

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If Bloomingdales had replied "learn to code" they would have sold out of that shirt instead of wasting their entire stock. These corporate folks have shit PR teams.

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There should be a standard reply that is written with legal jargon, similar to the disclaimers found at the bottom of emails, telling us if this email was received by someone other then the recipient that its legally protected and the contents cant be shared (which is complete bullshit, a contract must be between 2 parties it cant be one party stating it and assuming the 2nd party will accept it), that can be used to reply to these bullshit posts.

Something that doesnt apologize to them but just explains that they are allowed to feel offended by a post as much as the OP has the right to share something that they wish to share. Regardless if they feel its offensive or not.

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Don't respond to those cries for attention. By doing so you would validate it.

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