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It looks like a chimp that fell out of a tree and suffered a head injury and is now retarded.

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If that tree was a 'retard tree' and it hit every branch going down and hit the ground on it's head and hit a 'retard rock' all of which happened as a monk was passing by on a 40 year vow of silence, on the last days of it, but he breaks it by screaming "God damn that was retarded!" All of which was because of the monumental levels of retardation achieved by super tard monkey. If one snapped a picture of said tard monkey during the apex of it's retardation we'd have this sheboon's pic to compare it to.

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It would be like the monkey falling out of the retard tree, hitting every retard branch on the way down and hitting their head on a retard rock then getting hit by a short bus full of retards and dragged to herpderpville

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This is only tangentially on topic, but it's whatever after all.

You know what I hate most about the, "We wuz kangs," shit?

By definition They can't all have been kings and queens. If there was one King Louie he owned all the other monkeys.

Wal-Mart is celebrating all the little owned monkeys this month.

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Cheeky bastard who does the social media for them knows what he wuz doing, ha ha

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Why is Walmart's logo an asshole?

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Trace the points and it becomes a jewish star of david, so you are right.

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We wuz so twying to be like whitey

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WE WUZ mindless consumers easily influenced to buy consumable trash.

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We wuz rolling back the prices!

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Looks like a girl version of Urkel. "Did I do that???"

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