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CBD changed my life. No more anxiety, depression, ADD, OCD.. and it’s an awesome anti inflammatory for pain, so it helps with my scoliosis and carpal tunnel. I’m not even the same person on it. I’m way more tolerant and patient. It enhances my mood and I’ve found it to even sharpen my wit. Also it’s helped my short term memory. It’s a miracle drug and the single biggest threat to Big Pharma right now.

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Some goats have already answered, but I'm interested to hear what people take it for and how you take it (drops, patch, etc.).

I'm all for the legalization of weed overall, and certainly for using it as medicine where appropriate, but I'm still skeptical of a lot of these claims. Marijuana legalization activists really went hard on the "it's a miracle cure to everything" talking point, which I wasn't happy about even as a legalization proponent.

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CBD is for real son. Most people take it in an oil form. Great for inflammation, neurological issues and pain management. You have to experiment with dosage to find what works for you. It's fat soluble so a proper meal helps absorption.

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You've got evidence that bud ISNT a miracle drug?

No, you just think your cognitive dissonance is better or something?

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Helps me relax and sleep better. I personally vape the oil from a pen atomizer thing. May not work for everyone. Also CBD doesn’t get you high. It cant.

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I drink liquid vials of CBD. One vial is 100mg. One gives me therapeutic symptoms. Two makes me drowsy enough to sleep.

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In most states, one can purchase CBD OTC

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Even some pet stores carry CBD pet treats. Most smoke shops have it in some form. It used to be available on Amazon but they stopped after it was put on Schedule 1. They’ve removed it from the Schedule since but it’s still not on Amazon for some reason.

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I give my cats them from time to time. Especially when two of them are getting territorial. They calm down and go to sleep.

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I smoked it for a while to see if it would help with joint pain. It wasn't a miracle cure by any means, but it noticeably helped. it was like taking a long-term, low-impact painkiller.

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Careful, I smoke bongs every day and now I think we've been lied to about space and the shape of the Earth!

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injected too many THC's

I wonder if anyone has grown a type a cannabis that can make you hallucinate

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Supposedly very effective against epilepsy as well.

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The astounding claims make it sound like snake oil, but in my experience it actually fucking works (for pain, at least).

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Yup it worked for my pain as well. Anxiety not at all. I'd suppose the source of anxiety probably matters.