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If anyone hasn't read this book, it's about time you get your shit together. Henry Ford's "The international jew":


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lol... "international"... try the word gypsy as jews are literally a north african tribe of gypsys... gypsy-jews create fake "laws", fake "gods" and fake "commodities" too swindle other nations out of their real resources...

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He Retracted this after realizing the protocols were fake https://imgoat.com/uploads/84b6fbb107/195940.png

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No matter who actually wrote the protocols, the information they contain is observably true.

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This makes me recoil back WTF!! Have I been found out? Shaloms, fellow whites!

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Hello you remember my son Morty, he would like a job at your bank... he's very good with numbers... he graduated top of his class.

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He's as good as hired!! wait....is he married to a good jewish girl? shaloms

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Absolutely brilliant post! Why can't more on vniggers except this? Every word of it is true. Bravo to you poster!

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Yes, I find putting the spotlight on jews jewing is a great method: https://voat.co/v/news/2869564/15191838/

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Yes, he retracted this completely. Please don't post disproven hoaxes; it makes calling out the REAL BANKING CABAL including Jews stupid.



His original statements were based off The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which were most likely hoaxes in order to rile people up against the Bolsheviks and support the Russian monarchy. Many parts were plagiarized form Joly's Machiavel which was a satire of Napoleon and how he was going to dominate the world. The protocols simply replaced napoleon with Jews.

Come on guys, do your research!!

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Read any analysis of the protocols. Go to a fucking library. They are literally plagiarized from books written about Napoleon and swapped out his name for Jew. So many inconsistencies.

It is a prophecy of global government, although someone else was behind it, not "DA JOOOS".

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Some of my powerful friends told me that jews are good and I shouldn't criticize them. I don't know what I was thinking when I said they control the news and finance and the theater and alcohol and gambling. Clearly none of that is true. By the way, it wasn't my fault. It was the russians.
- Henry Ford

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Research the protocols. They are a complete frauds. They are quite prophetic, although it's more likely this is just a simple blueprint for how anyone could subvert society, which is what we are seeing with the banking cartel