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Well, let's not get carried away here. I seriously doubt that they were ALL American citizens.

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You're right, but what does it matter? They aren't leaving and no one will make them.

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Exactly. There is no political solution for getting them out either. Republicans have been compromising on immigration and keeping the floodgates open since Reagan. Trump is all talk: no wall, no deportations, no tangible action, only soundbites for Fox News and more political theater.

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They will each drop a few 9 month turds as well

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My brother's wife works as a nurse in an urban area. I could write pages about the bullshit that happens in the ER. It's all minorities who don't need to pay for anything, most of them just want attention, everyone wastes time and resources dealing with stupid shit like headaches, stomaches, and broken nails.

White people are uncommon, and they downplay the amount of pain they have and damage done. Jews and hispanics are the opposite, overly dramatic, super loud and whiny, and drastically exaggerate any kind of issue (or just pretend outright) because they want concerned nurses doting on them.

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This is so true, and it actually gives me hope. Minorities will be outcompeted in America. They cannot keep up. Eventually the subsidies will create disgusting infertile blobs, or they will get their shit together and be competitive and therefore tolerable.

Whites will continue to win. Our conservatism and frugality and intelligence is our greatest asset and the mongoloids and kikes will never be able to compete on fair terms.

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Yeah it gives you a peek into why these cultures are complete circuses.

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What does it matter? Their children will all have full citizenship, so the question of their citizenship matters not at all.

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Those are the people who put off going to the doctor because they can't afford it (apparently spend all their money on snacks) and then end up in the emergency room which cannot turn them away and which they also cannot afford. That's why medical care costs so much. You pay for yourself and you pay for a room full of fat people.

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The emergency room is the first choice for them. They aren't going to any doctor ever outside of the ER. They are probably mostly illegal and won't be paying one dime for anything.

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Correct. This was widely touted by the left as a reason for universal health care. They use the hospitals as primary care and never pay the bill. Those deficits are then paid for with higher costs and insurance rates.

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There's a ton of fraud driving medical costs too. USA spends double anyone else on "health."

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and that my friend apart from insurance company, hospital administration, pharmaceutical company and M.D. greed is why your deductible and copayment is satellite sky high. but you already know this.

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It's all so tiresome.

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Empire of dust is a good documentary

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No, it’s because of government intervention into free markets.

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Which is exactly what allowing foreigners into the ER for free is.

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You're making a serious mistake believing these were all American citizens. My guess is the majority were not.

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The important question is; How's your arm?

[–] InyourfaceNancyGrace 1 points 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

It's fucking sprained you tit can't you read?

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It's absolutely amazing the lights are still on and there's "food" in the grocery stores.

we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death

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What is that quote from I love it.

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"The Dead Flag Blues" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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Great band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVekJTmtwqM Godspeed you black Emperor!

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I went to the clinic yesterday too. Everyone waiting was white, there were multiple white mothers with children. There was a board with "babies in january" on display, 100% were white. All the doctors I was seen by were white. I then went to pick up my prescriptions and was served by whites, and saw only whites, with yet more white children, in the store. I went the entire day without seeing a brown face.

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Please don't say where you live so niggers don't move there.

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It used to be that way in Minneapolis 15 years ago.

They will dump niggers and foreigners on your land as well.

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where was this, Belarus?

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I'm betting the price you pay for that is extreme cold and hardship.

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If it were that simple, Sweden would be paradise.

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As a former paramedic I can confidently say that every ER room in the world is full of people who don't need to be there. For them, it's a social excursion, a free meal, and a ride home. This is the state of the world we live in. It disgusts me.

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a free meal, and a ride home.

I only got 'free meals' when I almost died and was in the telemetry unit, and they were shit. No ride home, I had to crawl.. Okay, I arranged for a ride, but the hospital only transported me to the curb. I should have gone to the cool hospital you're talking about, except for that "almost" part. :^)

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Maybe it's an Australian thing >_< it's usually unemployed ferals that do this by the way, not normal people who go to the ER for actual injuries and sicknesses... they literally get an ambulance to take them in (we can't refuse transport, even if they obviously don't need to go to a hospital), and they are given a meal and treated like a princess for a few hours then given a free taxi ride home. It makes me so mad. Also... AMBULANCES AND PUBLIC HEALTHCARE ARE FREE IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED OR ON A LOW INCOME IN THIS COUNTRY. So, as you can imagine... there is a lot of abuse of both the ambulance service and the ER.

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