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"Never try to understand women, women understand women and they hate each other." - Al Bundy

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yeah well fuck roger waters though, he's a fucking soyboy

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His talent overshadows al the rest. A true master

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Women must feel like guests in society. They are not interested in design, in building, in science, in technology. Everything they use was thought of and manufactured by men, unless they happen to get trapped in a Chinese assembly line, of which, work is repetitive and dumbed down. Every car theyre in, built by men. Every building, built by men. Every product, designed by men, mostly built by men.

The women that are into engineering are rare.

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maybe in industrial society but not in a natural one

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Women suck at music.

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The most famous all female band I can think of is the Gogos

In no particular order:

7 Year bitch

The Runaways

4 Non Blondes

Luscious Jackson

The Bangles ( a favorite of mine)

Dixie Chicks

The Donnas

Indigo girls


The Wailin' Jennys


Just to name the ones I listen to...

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None of those groups are even in the ball park of Pink Floyd.

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4 non blondes was "started" by all females, then their male producer fired the guitarist because her guitar work was "just not happening" and replaced her with a man who could play.

Their male producer also fired the original female drummer and found a better one.

So yeah, despite the fact that the lead singer has some serious pipes, they were just a pre-fab novel money maker.

What's up is a classic though.

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So the most famous all-female group is still The Gogos.

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I don't know how you would measure it, but I'm betting that The Runaways and The Indigo Girls have got to be as famous as the Go-Gos, and I'd bet The Dixie Chicks are more famous.

In the PNW Sleater-Kinney are what you would call famous.

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Look into the creation of "On the Run" to see just how good Pink Floyd was at working together. It started out as a song they would play live occasionally titled "Travelling Section" and evolved into the iconic Dark Side track. They always worked well together until the infighting between Roger and David. Too bad they split and we lost Richard to cancer. Would love them to patch things up for one final hurrah.

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Fags like Freddie Mercury were better.

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don't trust pink floyd or other hyped bands. Look what they did to Syd... do you think they really care about the well being of their audience?

You are what you consume, so be cautious. People should be especially cautious consuming media when they're under the influence of drugs, too. It may sound better, but it may also be exploiting your enhanced suggestibility in unseen ways.

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Oh for fuck sake

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Lol. No fun allowed.

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