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Need further confirmation from a historian on the role of the international SS divisions. I know Hitler had allowed foreigners to host their own divisions such as the Tiger Legion SS or whatever in India and the Charlemange-SS (France volunteers) and a few others from other locations in Europe, and many had created alliances with Hitler such as the Ukrainian Insurgency Army.

These Yugoslavians may have technically been a member of a foreign SS division, but as the picture shows, it wasn't the German SS.

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We have to wonder why they'd lie if the truth is on their side. It clearly states that the photo shows "German army mobile killing units". This photo was on book covers, magazines and there was a controversy about it in the 60s, because it was proven to be fake and the jews were scrambling to preserve the powerful piece of propaganda that they had found. Everywhere this photo was shown, it was presented as being German SS soldiers killing poor innocent women and children.

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Then I take my statement back.

If they said it was Yugoslavian Volunteer SS divisions, their lies might have had more truth to them.

But they are kikes, not known to have amazing foresight.

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That's the proof? I mean, I don't see why the SS would wear Yugoslav uniforms. But the Germans used plenty of foreign produced weapons, especially mauser variants that were being produced in occupied countries.

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What do you think about the fact that discussing this, as we are doing, has been made illegal in many white countries? Daring to question the jews is a punishable crime, look up Ursula Haverbeck. Why would that be necessary?

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I think it's ridiculous, tyrannical, and that no one's going to do shit about it. I also don't think it proves anything about this photo.

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evidence, not "proof".

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As much "proof" as this photo is proof of war atrocities committed by German soldiers.

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I cannot do anything about whomever posted this photo to Wikipedia with that (apparently deceitful) caption.

I CAN, however, admonish you to be more careful with your language. This is not PROOF of anything: the gun type remains unverified, the uniform remains unverified, the shooter is unknown, the victim is unknown, the location is unknown, the date is unknown, & the photographer is unknown. This is not proof! But... it is strong 'evidence' that the shooter is a Yugoslavian soldier (and not a SS soldier) shooting a woman who may or may not be Jewish.

If you want to teach people the truth, you must use truthful words. OTOH, if you are also trying to deceive, in order to promote some agenda, then please, continue to use inappropriate words.....

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God bless them autist Anons

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there are hundreds of these but it only takes about 10 when the jew media pumps them out world wide and makes it into the most horrific event in human history. Does it matter its 90 percent bullshit?

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That’s one of the saddest pictures I’ve ever seen.

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You want sad, check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCtN0YaYIzw

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gotta "sign in to confirm my age", so they can track who is watching these videos, I guess.....

Can I get a link on hooktube?

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Nah. Too good to be true. But if it is hopefully he only wasted one round. Partizans were brutal. Rain still washes away ground and reveals remains of over 200000 people mudredred while running from partizans in Slovenia. Even after war Tito had killer squads to go trough European countries and get rid of anyone that escaped hater ww2. One thing that many people don’t know is all the Jews were rounded up and put on ships (JNA navy) transferred to Israel but before they were let go off the boats they had to sign over their property rights to Yugoslavian government. One thing our “beloved supreme leader “ did right.