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Wew lads, look at the nose on that kike.

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Anything for Moloch !

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I thought that made you a eunich

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I'm further convinced Jews don't have an agenda, they are just buttfuck insane.

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Big noses are a sure sign of genetic deformity.

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Because they've been inbreeding for centuries.

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Not according studies...

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Must have whack-a-moled the dick so it would quit drawing away from the nose.

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He used to have a nose bigger than his dick. Now he just has a nose.

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if he has regrets later, he can always transplant that schnoz and still have some left over.

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You will never have a vagina, all you will have is a gaping wound and thoughts of suicide.

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Roderick, bring around the apple corer! I'm feeling a little scabbed over today.

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jesus fuck

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Jesus, I've seen post-op tranny-troubleshooting pics. I thought I was thoroughly desensitized. Thanks for the grimacing laugh.

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That's no fun. Put a hole saw bit up your urethra and do the roflcopter.

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Well, there is one way they can get rid of their suicidal thoughts.

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Even the jews fall for their own shinanigans.

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One could expect a high instance of mental illness in such an inbred population.

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The Ashkenazi jews always have mental issues.

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This is what makes me curious if it gives them the confidence they have, in their satanism, because if their mental issues/inbred retardation, they truly believe it is the truth and the right path?

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No goy, we lead by example. Of course we have the worst mental health of any race, yet still, we are the masters of YOUR destiny. shaloms

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They they swallow their own tail before anyone else can! You wouln't understand filthy goy you are closer to a cattle than a chosen one! One can clearly see you are not learned.

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just like whites, there are many sects of jews.

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And most of them are inbred. Go to Russia or Ukraine and take a look at the orthodox there... the most vile looking, sickly, weak human beings that I have ever seen.

Jews really need black Jews from Africa to step it up and start impregnating some of those pasty hooked nose Ashkenazi women.

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Front hole.

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Front shithole.

You know, because they take a section of colon to make the "vagina".

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Who exactly is this jewish toad going to date? He can't satisfy the fags because he got no dick, and what hetero is going to want to fuck this ugly kike faggot?

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That is what really gets me, how do these people think any normal person will ever touch them?

it's ok though, their genetics are dead and they have a 40% chance of offing themselves anyway.

This entire trans bullshit is just mental illnesses that the left, mentally ill themselves, are propping up.

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That forty percent is because we can no longer tigger them in the media as easy. Do it in person to reduce the failed suicide numbers and give these fags a reason to continue the final solution.

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Gays will still fuck him in the ass. No one's putting it in his diseased front hole.

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And now they're calling it "gender correction surgery" rather than "gender reassignment surgery"

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And here, I thought the "c" was "change." But "correction" is much kikier/more-satanic

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I thought it had to be gender catastrophic surgery

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"You were meant to be this way all along. Now take this mirror and gaze lovingly at your mutilated penis. I mean vagina."

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I thought it was for the more kosher 'circumcision'.

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Gender Chaos Surgery works as well.

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I vote for: Genital-Chopping Surgery.

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And before that, sex reassignment surgery. And before that, sex change. It's like people keep realizing that it's a farce so they have to change the term yet again. Like advertisers.

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His parents must be beaming with pride.

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It's lost its bits.

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Good. No kids from that one.

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