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Niggers can commit any crime they want and all they have to do is claim they called me a Nigger, The guy working at the gas station called me a Nigger so I got a gun and robbed the place.

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meanwhile... these creatures are literally grey-african-subsaharan-cannibals... not even black, somebody wake tge fuck ups!

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You never think these people are real until you see the sheer number of them. Also: black people are racist as fuck.

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Of course they are. That's why they're trying to change the definition of the word racism.

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Apparently the victim was pregnant. So not only are these niggers congratulating this shegress for slapping YT, they're happy she was pregnant.

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Seems like a fallacy, is missing details, or opens up a lawsuit against the company and criminal charges for the assailant. Get representation.

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twitter != real

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Around niggers never relax

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Or wait outside with a 2×4 and set the nigger straight!

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Twitter: where completely made up stories of “fighting racism” get hundreds of thousands of likes.

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Her job at mcdonalds. Did the white girl a favor.

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they slap, you punch. they punch, you knife. they knife, you gun. they gun, don't worry they can't shoot for shit.

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They gun, you drone strike.

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Memphis TN, not surprised. There some absolute shit ghetto areas in our country and that is one of the biggest.

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Memphrica, dere i flkd dat fo yo

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Fake news

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