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Why isn’t this stuff happening already? Lots of politicians are already doing enough damage to our country such that they should be forcibly and violently removed from office - in Minecraft, of course.

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On number 5) There is a directive for the national guard to execute all federal prisoners in the event of martial law. I doubt anyone would ever see them again if it popped off.

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This is for death row inmates. They will be immediately dispatched via firing squad. Felons with less than 10 years may be released, or drafted. Felons with over 10 years left may be detained indefinitely, utilized for hard labor, or have their sentences elevated to death penalty under direction of military tribunal.

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Some criminals might be drafted into something similar to the Dirlewanger brigade.

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This has got to be a LARP. 10k dies from starvation after a year? Average city has food for 3 days. After 3 days there's no food. 10k out of 300 million?

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It takes fat people a long long time to die from starvation so long as they can get some water. Most of America is fat. A starving fat person burns about 1/2 pound per day. 100 pounds = 200 days. So yeah, it's during year two when shit gets really really bad.

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That's very true. But even still 10k sound really low. Imagine all the small children and elderly who would die from a stiff breeze. Though I suppose they could die from something else before starving.

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Those 10k could become food

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agree, when sandy hit and power was out, in 2 days people went insane for gasoline. there was stabbings and people died. in some places the power was out for over 30 days, people would murder you if you coughed near them and then people were not starving. 3 days where the supermarkets are bear and it would turn into a COD game people dropping like flys after 1 week the body count in the city would be higher then 10K and then the animals would start hitting the suburbs where more people own firearms. 10k in a year is impossible it will be much higher.

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The professors and the board of directors of media invested companies. The largest political donors not on the media boards would have to be dispensed with as well. If they were to disappear in one day, the politicians would be amenable to passing legislation in favor of the citizens, The donors gone would leave them afloat with nothing to cling to.

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Amazing how many don't comprehend this.

People go on about how they have this or that weapon.

Only problem is, if they ever use them on this soil, it's over for them.

Not to mention, their families live here and everyone looks the same.

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Well technically they did use some new weaponry under the guise of “forest fires” in California. You know, those “forest fires” that destroyed entire subdivisions and all the trees were still standing.

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But only with plausible deniability.

Imagine if people ever find out what they did.

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fresh wet wood burns differently then dry wall. Just saying.

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Even Mike Rothshild said him self it will only take one shooter to cause massive damage.

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And you thought he was telling the truth? Lol.

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Now THIS is what I call valuable information.

Thanks antiliberalsociety

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Sounds like Trump had better do something about the radical left then. Most especially he needs to do something about the assholes who are fomenting all this shit, i.e. Israel.

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