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Welcome to earth. Apparently Jew is the ruler and probably been for thousands of years by looking at sumerian paintings and who they worshipped. 100% They looked like Jews those they worshipped. Whoever controls earth beyond physical, uses the jewish physical manifestation to operate in this world.Kind of makes big hints towards that eventually.

Shame The Jew or whatever forces are behind the Jews tried to keep the truth from the people. I guess easier to manipulate the sheep "souls" that incarnate here that way etc. This world is starting to look more and more like a Prison for spirits and Jews are the guards of it or something.Weird.

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We need common since jew control.

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They have all the money because they make it up. We are so stupid as to accept it. Therefore we give them ALL of our productivity and power and resources. They use it to oppress us. That is why we can't talk about that. They rule us and are our gods. Worship them. Pretend to worship them or die... They live

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It's no coincidence that usury and gambling were banned when the christian rules were applied...They are purely evil and immoral and since the Church got weak,especially with the Vatican II council , we don't enforce the Moral Law anymore, including the Moral Law on usury, banks and the value of work.

That's the "protestant" work ethnic in a way. The biggest problem is that people stopped being moral and thus, they gave in to their irrational passions...And thus, they had desires and appetite for great things, especially high ranked people...And thus they emancipated the Jews (it's not a christian virtue, we are not all equal, the Jew has to be treated differently and to be put to a lower status) and then, the Jews lended money to people and they got very rich.

That's the story of the French Revolution...After killing the Christian Monarchy of France, the Jews became extremely strong. Worst, Napoleon made "everyone equal in rights", meaning the Jews too, and thus Napoleon made the Jews "equal" so that he could borrow money from them so that Napoleon could attack Russia...All Napoleon's money went right to England, to a bank known as "Rothschild".

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All wars are bankers' wars.

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Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.

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Guns don't kill people.

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We can, and we will. We talk about them every day here on voat.

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