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I don't mind this so much. After all, there was Jew only housing in Berlin during the Nazi era. Also, it makes it much easier to find them on the day of the rope.

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Next "whites only housing" yea right like (((they))) would allow that. Whites get diversity and shit by law wither or not you want it or not.

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In other news: late last year the parliament of Finland agreed to pay 300k euros of tax payer moneys to hire private security for the synagogue of Helsinki. One PM (I can't remember who) was quoted as saying "this was an important and valuable decision". No one else received similar benefits, not even the government official church of Finland.

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Judges handed out 500,000 pounds of working taxpayer's money to muslims for murdering and mincing up and selling a teenage girl's body as hamburger and kebab meat.

Muslims living off the avails of drugged teenage British prostitutes had been encouraged so long by the judges and the rest of Britain why wouldn't racist jews get housing over Brits?

If the british elites could they'd kill every white proletariat in Britain. Everyone pretends not to notice that socialist leaders are always wealthy.

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That just puts a big fat target on the building, stupid kikes.

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Queue news story about biggest fire since...

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Sounds reasonable. Anyone you know want to live around a bunch of jews?

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I'd rather see them all working in my neat summer camp.

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I'd rather see them all gassed.

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some highlights

Jews in Britain have won court approval for public housing developments to be made available exclusively to Jews, even if non-Jews in the same area have an equal or greater need for accommodation, the Evening Standard newspaper has revealed.




“I don’t understand why they would want to live in this project – there are Hasidic men, with their sidelocks and beards, speaking in a language which they wouldn’t understand. Why would you want to enter such a different culture?

Wasn't diversity supposed to be good? But when it comes to Jews it is not...

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