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A hundred times this. Goats are far too concerned with ideological purity and not nearly results-focused enough. Argue all you want about China, Muslims, Hispanics, etc. The fact of the matter is, we have a common enemy, and therefore they are (or can be) to some extent allies against this common threat. Any wasted opportunity to do so is by default a win for globalists.

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I have tried explaining this to people on Voat before. The first step we need is to forge alliances.

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For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle and the city shall be taken then shall the Lord go forth to fight against those nations.

i agree it sucks but i don't wanna get mad at Israel and Jews just to be killed by God

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Going to die anyway, so...

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Have nigs and muzzies stop killing and raping us first, as a sign of good faith, and get back to us..........crickets

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Who’s downvoating this? This is great.

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The root problem is usury in the western world.

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Well the goal is to have everyone in their debt. They hate Asians and Whites the most because they reject debt or use it to make more money.

That's why they like who they like and hate who they hate. They want to replace everyone who wouldn't be a pliable debt slave.

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The Gilets Jeunes are not anti-globalist, they are people from all sides who are angry and don't like Macron.

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True, but there are many reasons not to like Macron. He isn't left enough for leftists, he dared to say something bad about Africa, not even about race, he gave tax cuts to the rich, and has fucked over pensioners I believe and hasn't done shit for the poor and middle class. He has also said idiotic shit like "I can just go to the other side of the street and find a job", which angers everybody. He doesn't seem to care about making anybody happy, doing anything for the people, and is arrogant and out of touch. He might be a globalist, but that's not enough.

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"Diversity" is being used to most often to describe forced integration, which is the elimination of diversity.

Anytime someone claims that forced integration everywhere (other than China and Israel) is "diversity", ask them how they think it came to be that we have diversity. Wouldn't having diverse societies of homogenous natives, and various organically mixing people, be more diverse than the single note of forced integration of everyone everywhere (other than Israel and China)?

Obviously having organic communities with many diffent types of people, and organic communities with few, or one, type of people, is more diverse than forced integration everywhere.... other than China and Israel, of course.

Framing it correctly doesn't help their Orwellian narrative.

Collectivism, and the sophist's logical fallacy ridden noise, is how they divide and conquer.

Force, as always, is the root of the problem.

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It used to be that you travelled to France for French culture and cuisine. Germany for German culture. Japan for Japanese culture (and this is still the case!) Now you can just go to the downtown of your local metropolis! Yay! So progressive.

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As long as Germans retake Germany, the French protect France, and Japan stays Japanese, the cultures will likely continue.

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Divide and Conquer is followed by Divide and Rule. Subjugation is keeping the people divided against one another along lines of wealth, class, religion, (two party system of rep and dem), status, education and yes, skin color. So the rulers can go on about the business of world domination w/o interference from the bickering masses.

Is it working?

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Divide and Conquer is followed by Divide and Rule.

Not necessarily. By knocking out the competition one can build their base more efficiently. The long game may very well be conquest, but a definite short game of profiteering is visible and working.

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Its jewspeak! haha shaloms my fellow white persons

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Indeed, you can't have diversity if you have globalism. The end goal here is plainly uniform control by using compliance driven cultures to drown out liberty loving ones.

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The removing of whites is the most insane modern times joke. W/O whites the world will go to shit. Just what an insane religious (((gang))) of dumb fucks trying to make this reality. They are INSANE.

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