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They definitely do. And there is nothing we can really do about it without going to jail.

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when the time comes...

attack the jails. they're all leftist gangsters in there anyway. and the guards don't get paid enough for fighting duty.

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There are more relevant examples, but change on a national level always comes from IRL groups. Look for one that fits your values.

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(((They))) are well organized and financed. I know because I joined several of Soros' and Obama's groups just to find out how they operate. Get emails and texts constantly on what to do, say, and think. Indivisible and Organizing for Action even sends texts with my Congressmen's telephone number and the script I'm supposed to say.

We need to stop being the silent ones sitting back hoping things will change. That's why I've joined the Neon Vest Movement to let Congress know we're no longer willing to let them get away with murder, now literally. If you're interested please watch this short video about it, and send an email to neonvests@outlook.com. Put your state and congressional district in the subject line, and whether you're willing to help coordinate in your district.


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Leftists are phenomenally organized because they all live packed up with each other in dense blue cities. It's scary how organized, and yet how thoughtless, they are, like ants or bees. It's even scarier how disorganized, but intelligent the right is, sprawled out and atomized.

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Precisely. That's why we need to join the neon vests.

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This is a very accurate statement that is full of truth. Law enforcement must arrest these losers at every fucking turn. Like Giuliani did to combat crime when he was mayor of NYC, states and localities must institute any "spray can defacement" and prosecute the fuckers to the fullest extent. Either that, or institute caning.

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Abusive people need to isolate you for it to work, take away any other information or people. Their control isn't sustainable in daylight.

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And it's not sustainable when you're shooting people who do it, either.

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Are the police going to let you stop them?

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They're just men with a little equipment and training that is available to anyone.

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Well, you can't talk about that here.

Not that it shouldn't be discussed somewhere.