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These people are so gross. The ENTIRE mainstream news media conspired openly to help Hillary Clinton, but Trump has one friend at one tabloid and somehow it’s irrefutable proof that he’s eyesballs deep in trying to smear poor innocent Jeff Bezos.

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By the same logic, the privacy I deserve is invaded and violated by aliens, so therefore all yall dont deserve privacy. You won't get the idea until its taken away from you. And it was taken away from me, when I was already a private person. And when the aliens get here, your privacy will be compromised because theyve made all the brains here READABLE and CONTROLLABLE, and all the technology is vampire-tapped, crypto is cracked, and everything is blueprinted and remote-controllable. And the aliens, having no better options among us, will give me resources, that I will turn against your privacy.

Don't fret my dear, my method won't cause you pain.

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This is a work- the mistress is the ex husband of Ari Immanuel's gay lover. Ari was Trump's agent. The only way the brother got those is if Samchez gave them to him.

Also please note that "insider sources" say theres no evidence the brother did it.

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LS has had more dick in her,than all the underage kids at Epsteins island....she is what dick sucking ladder climber Kamel Toe,is to politics,LS sucked her way on to being a spokeshole on the news.

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This won't go well for the Inquirer.

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How long has the Enquirer been around? Ask that question first.

First issue date: 1926

Its kinda something you don't get away from. If they want you, because it triggers you. You'll be their cover story for the next 52 weeks and they'll make millions doing so. Even if it costs them a mill or two in court.

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I agree but they won't go away unscathed. It will cost them millions. The only ones that will make out on this bullshit is the lawyers, same as usual.