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You know you are dumb as fuck when you get the Civil War confused with the Revolutionary War.

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He's a white guy, that's all that matters.

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This might be more about Indians since it was tagged with "genocide".

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The Indians were getting genocided by the French and British, then they got genocided by Americans. No revolution still equals smallpox blankets from a European power. They weren't good enough, full stop, or they would've persisted as a culture. Google the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, btw. Look at how successful some of the ones who committed to assimilation became: state senators, businessmen, pro athletes etc. Adopting modern ways was working for the best of them.

But then, look at them today. The focus on dey culcha and the res is holding them way, way back. It sure does make white liberals happy to coo about their 'art' though. White libs want them weaving baskets and telling stories at art fairs and never accomplishing anything real.

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They weren't confused they vandalized both.


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Niggers need to go.

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They are too retarded to get the difference between the Revolution and the Civil War.

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They would be the ones fighting on the king’s side in the Revolutionary War.

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They vandalized both.


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The saddest part is that the abomination in the photo constitutes a statue.

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Sadder is noone has read the 2nd commandment.

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'Genocide' must have been the word of the day from their SJW Calendar of trigger speech phrases. The word today will be "patriarchy."

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he sure was short

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Let's show them genocide.

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