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Just stopping by to point out that the Communist Control Act of 1954 specifically "outlaws the Communist Party of the United States and criminalizes membership in, or support for the Party or 'Communist-action' organizations and defines evidence to be considered by a jury in determining participation in the activities, planning, actions, objectives, or purposes of such organizations."

Every single one of these faggots is breaking the law. The fact that none of them have been arrested en masse tells you there's more to this than just some basement dwellers waving mom's shotgun around.

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Doing that will never stand up in Superior Court just as organized Nazis have a right to do that and every other group such as the Black Panthers and BLM have a right to do that. Just look at what a bunch of scum of the earth black Israelites are.

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I hate to say it, but I'm at the point where I see only two viable options:

  1. Clamp down on these motherfuckers. All of them. Find a way.
    The American legal system is a veritable labyrinth, twisting and turning with loopholes and traps. Make them suffer the legal burdens of their actions.
    Obviously, since the courts are (as you pointed out) on the side of the enemy, this is extremely unlikely. However, that may not be a setback because of the next item.
  2. Exacerbate the situation. Let it get worse, hell, push for it; even now the general populace is still too comfortable, thinking these matters don't affect them. Things have to get worse before they get better.
    Let the enemy continue to win in court. This will embolden them to act out louder and more violently, until those still asleep reach their breaking point and wake up.
    Many of those asleep will refuse to wake up for anything -- let them be the first to die at the hands of the enemy. Unfortunately, these deaths may be what it takes to catalyze the war. I don't see any other way.

Take for example, AOC. As awful as her Green New Deal is, imagine if it passed -- would that be enough to wake people up to take action? I dunno, perhaps I'm missing something here. Thoughts appreciated.

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i love how even the jews have their own nigger groups trynna claim they that blacks were actually the chosen lol

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That law should be repealed (if it hasn't been already), in favor of free speech. They can vocally support communism however they want, but any calls for or acts of violence should be dealt with accordingly.

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Fuck that. Kill em all.

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That's kind of the problem though -- communism is force. It is violence -- the ideology is not possible without it. If a commie state hasn't been implemented to the satisfaction of involved parties, then calling for it is calling for force. The same cannot be said for the Skinheads, Black Lies Matter or even Antifa (at least not consistently) because their ideologies can exist without force.

I do get the point you're making though.

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It's time to start killing commies again.

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It never wasn't time. Senator Joesph McCarthy was dead on right. He found a communist under every rock because they were there. That's why he had to be destroyed.

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The Smear to end all smears. Hollywood degenerates was a big target of his.


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if they had no arms they would not be able to hold the flags ;)

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Nor would we.

Oh wait. you meant literally. LOL.

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Got to give them credit, at least they are out their and even armed, unlike the few times the right has gone out with no weapons at all. Our side just wants to keep bitching online.

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The Charlottesville people brought arms. Look how that turned out for them.

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It was a small group and that were away from the main fray if i remember. Now if both groups show up with guns and start shooting its civil war time. :)

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The better thing to do would be to finance appropriate entrepreneurs/otherwise on the right, as voluntarily or no, everyone here is funding the (((current interest))) side either via taxes or through consumer purchases which are largely owned by market monopolies. People give money to the real opposing side all day long, no one is giving anything to the people on ours. If you want our people on equal footing with the people who loudly proclaim that we should be destroyed, then we should give our own people the tools to fight them. Since no one is currently shooting anything, then the appropriate ammunition for now is $$$. Doesn't even need to be anything extravagant, someone starting a small business or otherwise is still a step in the right direction. Ideally something that returns $ or influence to the community first, then anything else. There should definitely be a subverse here for that sort of thing.

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Responding to them the way they respond to conservatives with tantrums?

They're part of the identity politics divide and no one gives a shit about them. I want that legendary 1%, Jew or not. The banksters and financiers; the assholes behind the mortgage meltdown and the same owners of the media who told those idiots to spend 60,000 on tuition for no learning college and an expectation that walmart workers would pay it for them. The jerkoffs that told gullible fools they had to import millions of workers to displace locals for lower wages to pay their pensions, and then spent their pension funds on illegals.

Communist kiddies are the reason those financiers pushed the governments to close psychiatric hospitals.

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Much identity politics!!!! Identity politics is politics, race will never be seperated from thought.

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Thumbs up, Gaz.

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When those like me end up needing to bring rifles, it'll no longer be a March, faggot. I'll concealed carry, but if my ar is on my shoulder in public, its because it has started. Not because I'm some commie nigger playing dress up.

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What are you smoking mate? "get the right to give up arms", they're courting a fight when they go out with firearms. Frankly I welcome them to fly their banners openly.

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Funny how Communists can marched, armed, in the oppressive and fascist United States.

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Any actual Man could send that rabble packing with a broomstick.

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